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Install with:
    apm install atom-leap

atom-leap package

(Experimental) Leap Motion support for Atom!

This package is being built more as an experiment into what is possible with gesture-based controls in a text editor rather than a tool to be used daily (Although if you are able to then that’s a bonus!).

The intention is that it will replace the need for mouse input for Atom thereby reducing the distance needed to travel from the keyboard.

Leap Motion


Installation can be performed within the Atom editor or via the command apm install atom-leap.


Before use you will need to follow the instructions to set up your Leap Motion. Once set up you should be good to go!


To toggle the Leap Motion controls you will either need to select the menu option under Packages -> Leap Motion or press ctrl + alt + L.

Currently the only controls are swiping to scroll (as if you were swiping on a touch screen). It’s fairly temperamental so don’t expect it to be perfect yet!


Features to be worked on:



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