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Install with:
    apm install atom-latex

Atom-LaTeX package

Atom-LaTeX is an extension for, aiming to provide all-in-one features and utilities for latex typesetting with Atom.


Recently (Mar. 29th, 2017 now) I switched back to Visual Studio Code for most coding and typesetting tasks due to reasons 1, 2, 3, and more. Atom-LaTeX will still be maintained, though new feature development is in stale. I would recommend you to have a check on VS Code as well as LaTeX Workshop, a counterpart of Atom-LaTeX to VS Code. Thank you all for your long time support!


Atom-LaTeX is currently under active development. More features coming soon. Some features have screenshots/screencasts available here. Have a check!

If you figured out some features neat but not included, create an issue!

Why another LaTeX package?

Unification provides seamless experience. Aiming to make it work and work perfectly.



Installing Atom-LaTeX is simple. You can find it in the package registry, or simply run apm install atom-latex in command line.

For cutting edge features or changes, you can check out this repository to the Atom package folder: - Windows %USERPROFILE%\.atom\packages - Mac/Linux $HOME/.atom/packages


All commands can be invoked from Package-Atom-LaTeX menu or by command palette. Alternatively, keybinds are provided. Each command is invoked if the two key combinations are pressed sequentially.

For reverse SyncTeX from PDF to LaTeX, use ctrl+Mouse Left Click in the PDF viewer to reveal the line in editor.

Mac OS users can use command key as a replacement of ctrl.

Command Default Keybind Function
atom-latex:build ctrl+L ctrl+B Build LaTeX file.
atom-latex:build-here ctrl+L ctrl+H Build LaTeX using active text editor file if possible.
atom-latex:clean ctrl+L ctrl+C Clean LaTeX auxillary files.
atom-latex:preview ctrl+L ctrl+P Preview generated PDF file with in-browser viewer.
atom-latex:kill ctrl+L ctrl+K Terminate current LaTeX building process.
atom-latex:synctex ctrl+L ctrl+S Direct SyncTeX from the current cursor position.
atom-latex:toggle-panel ctrl+L ctrl+L Toggle Atom-LaTeX panel display.

Project-based Configuration

Atom currently does not provide per-project configuration. Atom-LaTeX uses a .latexcfg file under the root directory of LaTeX project to partially control its behavior. Following is a complete example of its content. { "root" : "\path\to\root\file.tex", "toolchain" : "%TEX %ARG %DOC", "latex_ext": [".tikz", ".Rnw"] } If a key is set, the config will overwrite the global one in atom settings.

How To

### Set LaTeX root file LaTeX root file is essential to Atom-LaTeX. Building, preview, autocompletion, and more features rely on its proper configuration. You can select to manually set the file by clicking the home icon on the control bar, or let Atom-LaTeX automatically find it given proper project structures: { "root" : "\path\to\root\file.tex" }

  1. Create a .latexcfg file at the root directory of your project. The file should contain a json object with root key set to the root file. An example: { "root" : "\path\to\root\file.tex" }
  2. Add a magic comment % !TEX root = \path\to\root\file.tex to all of your LaTeX source file. The path can be absolute or relative.
  3. Open the root file and use Build Here command. Alternatively, use Build LaTeX from active editor menu item.
  4. If all previous checks fail to find a root file, Atom-LaTeX will iterate through all LaTeX files in the root directory.

You can choose one or multiple methods stated above to set the root file.

Set per-project LaTeX toolchain

LaTeX toolchain can be controlled by either atom configuration or .latexcfg file under root directory. If LaTeX projects need special toolchain, one can add a toolchain key to this file. An example: { "toolchain" : "%TEX %ARG %DOC" } This example will only use the defined compiler in atom configuration to build the project. Alternatively, you can also have this example that provides the same functionality: { "toolchain" : "pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode -file-line-error -pdf %DOC" }

Support non-tex files

Atom-LaTeX has limited support to LaTeX source files with a non-.tex extension. To consider such files as valid LaTeX documents, one can add a latex_ext key to the .latexcfg local configuration file. An example: { "latex_ext": [".tikz", ".Rnw"] } Note that the value must be a JSON array, even when there is only one alternative file extension. For toolchain settings of non-tex files, @ashthespy gave a very good summary here.

Enable spell check


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