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Karaf Terminal

Install with:
    apm install atom-karaf-terminal

Karaf Terminal

Opens a terminal tab or pane within Atom that is configured to run Karaf.

The main objective is to provide the simplest way to try Karaf by providing direct access to an isolated install of Karaf that does not interfere with a system JVM Installation.

Another objective is creating better integration between the terminal and the editor without re-implementing terminal features in the editor or editor features in the terminal.

Note: this project is alpha-stage. It is being developed on OS X first, but will eventually support Linux and Windows as well. For outstanding work, see the issues.

The Karaf Terminal installs a binary build of Karaf.


Karaf Terminal is licensed under Mozilla Public License, 2.0.


Karaf Terminal is heavily inspired by term2, term, and terminal. Thanks to the authors of those packages. The term.js library is used. The copyright notice for term.js is included in lib/vendor/term.js.

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