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Install with:
    apm install atom-jsfmt



atom-jsfmt is a jsfmt plugin for the Atom text editor. jsfmt is really good at formatting, searching, and rewriting javascript. It’s pretty nifty.

atom-jsfmt in action

What does it do?

How do I get it?

Installation can be done from Atom’s package browser (just search for atom-jsfmt). You can also use the apm command line installer:

bash apm install atom-jsfmt

How do I tweak the formatting?

Although the default style guide is pretty good, you may find yourself wanting to tweak the formatting. atom-jsfmt looks for the closest .jsfmtrc file before formatting (you can read more about them here). It checks the directory of the current file, and keeps moving up directories until it finds something.

For example, if you like your code indented four spaces, your .jsfmtrc might look like this:

json { "indent": { "value": " " } }


To do



The changelog can be viewed here.


Atom-jsfmt is licensed under the MIT license, which can be viewed here.

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