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Grunt Configs

Install with:
    apm install atom-grunt-configs

grunt-configs package

Auto-generate separate grunt configuration files from your Gruntfile.js.

This plugin will parse your projects Gruntfile.js and automatically generate config files for each task configuration object it finds. See grunt-generate-configs and load-grunt-configs for more information.

It allows you to generate the configuration data in following formats:


Install this plugin through the command line:

shell apm install grunt-configs

Or through the Atom Package Manager.


Select Generate Grunt configs from the contextual or Packages menu. Or use the default short-cut: ctrl-alt-cmd-g

After selecting what file format you want to use, file generation will start.

What now?

After generating the files use load-grunt-configs to load the configuration files and configure Grunt.

shell # install load-grunt-configs npm install load-grunt-configs --save-dev

And update your Gruntfile.js

js //loads the various task configuration files var configs = require('load-grunt-configs')(grunt); grunt.initConfig(configs); //this is where the big, fat grunt configuration object normally is declared

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