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Formatter Jsbeautify by Ayoub Adib

Install with:
    apm install atom-formatter-jsbeautify


Formatter plugin adding a js-beautify interface to the Atom editor. This plugin can reformat and reindent your source code with a bunch of accepted file formats:

Javascript/JSON: .js, .jsx, .json

Css and its pre-processors: .css, .sass, .scss, .less

HTML/XML: .html, .xml

## Prerequisites:
- [x] Install Atom Formatter package - [x] Install this package (atom-formatter-jsbeautify) - [x] No more setup and no more package configurations are required. You are, now, good to go :)

## Usage:
### Keybindings:

It takes the default keybindings from Formatter. E.g, by default (you can customize these in the Atom keymap.cson):

cson 'atom-text-editor': 'alt-ctrl-l': 'formatter:format-code' 'alt-cmd-l': 'formatter:format-code'


By default, it loads configurations from .jsbeautifyrc file. This file must be located in the root of your project folder to be taken into account.
Whenever the file isn’t found, an error popup will be displayed. The code will then be beautified thanks to the default js-beautify configurations.

The config file must be valid JSON and looks like the one supported by js-beautify itself:

```json { “comment”: “Configurations for [js, jsx, json] and Shared configurations”,

"brace_style": "collapse-preserve-inline",
"break_chained_methods": false,
"comma_first": false,
"e4x": true,
"end_with_newline": true,
"eol": "\n",
"eval_code": false,
"keep_array_indentation": false,
"keep_function_indentation": false,
"indent_size": 4,
"indent_char": " ",
"indent_level": 0,
"indent_with_tabs": true,
"jslint_happy": false,
"max_preserve_newlines": 10,
"preserve_newlines": true,
"space_after_anon_function": false,
"space_before_conditional": false,
"space_in_paren": false,
"wrap_attributes": "auto",
"wrap_attributes_indent_size": 4,
"wrap_line_length": 0,
"unescape_strings": false,

"comment": "Configurations for [css] and its pre-processors [sass, scss, less]",

"newline_between_rules": true,
"selector_separator_newline": false,

"comment": "Configurations for [html, xml]",

"extra_liners": ["head", "body", "/html"],
"indent_inner_html": true,
"indent_scripts": "normal",
"unformatted": ["inline"] } ```

For more descriptions about available configuration options and their impacts to beautification process:
JSON Schemastore

## License

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