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Install with:
    apm install atom-diary

atom-diary package

Keep a diary in Atom using markup like AsciiDoc or Markdown.

This package allows you to keep a diary in atom - how great is that? It has a nice three month calendar view for easy navigation to past entries and organizes your diary in monthly files.

This package is inspired by my Emacs module diary-private.el.

You might want to install the AsciiDoctor preview package for Atom for previewing your diary files.


Screenshot of atom-diary

TODO items

Major features

  1. [IN PROGRESS] Make diary printable
    • [DONE] Create meta AsciiDoc files to create a printable diary
    • Create meta Markdown files to create a printable diary
    • Calendar View
      • [IN PROGRESS] Create new entries by right-clicking on a day
      • Add year selector (click on a year number to open selector, shall navigate to the selected year and the current month)
    • [IN PROGRESS] Make diary manageable
      • [DONE] Add command to open diary basedir as a project with it’s own tree-view, probably integrate with project-manager
      • Add sorting and other cleanup routines

Minor features

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