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Css Unit Converter by Seth Lopez

Install with:
    apm install atom-css-unit-converter

Atom CSS Unit Converter

Performs conversions between different CSS units.

Conversions can be made forward and backward between the following units:

The base pixel size for conversions is 16px by default. This can be changed within the settings, or you can set the base pixel size at the end of the line you want to convert. E.g. /24 at the end of a line sets the base pixel size to 24px for that line only.

Default Keybindings


Windows / Linux

Converting Lines

If no selections are made, each line with a cursor will be selected and converted. You can convert a single line at once, or use multiple cursors to convert many lines at once.

Converting One Line

Converting Multiple Lines

Converting Selections

If a selection is made, conversions will be performed only within the bounds of the selection. You can convert a single selection at once, or use multiple selections to convert many areas at once.

Converting Selections

Converting Lines and Selections Simultaneously

If selections have been made and you also have cursors on other lines (outside the selection bounds), each line with a cursor is selected and all selections are then converted.

Converter UI

Having keybindings for every conversion isn’t very practical, so this package also provides a UI that allows you to convert between any of the units listed above. The UI allows you to define a custom pixel base for conversions, as well.

Converter UI

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