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Arango Aql Query by Clinton Wood

Install with:
    apm install arango-aql-query

ArangoDB AQL Query


Execute ArangoDB AQL queries directly from within Atom Editor.

Query files are must have a .aql file extension. You may like to use arango-aql-language package to add syntax highlighting to your AQL files.

Query results are output to a paired results file with .json extension. See settings for more information.


By default use cmd-q to execute a query. If a file contains multiple queries, simply select the query to be executed and hit cmd-q.



Use of bindVars is supported by including bindVars JSON within comments before the query as shown below here.


Override Settings

All package settings can be temporarily overridden by placing a key value pair in the comment block above a query as shown here for includeRequestTime setting.

timing setting

Execution of multiple queries and many more productivity features will be release soon.



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