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Angular Jasmine Boilerplate Atom

Install with:
    apm install angular-jasmine-boilerplate-atom

AngularJS Jasmine Boilerplate Atom Package Build Status

Generates boilerplate Jasmine tests from annotated AngularJS components via Dgeni.


Depends on angular-jasmine-boilerplate.


Install angular-jasmine-boilerplate-atom via Settings > Install or apm:

apm install angular-jasmine-boilerplate-atom


This package stores a reference to source and test paths on a per-project basis.

For each project, open the Command Palette, and click on “Angular Jasmine Boilerplate: Set Source Folder” and “Angular Jasmine Boilerplate: Set Test Folder” respectively.

Then, right click on an open file and click “Generate Jasmine Boilerplate” or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-ALT-G.

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