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All Shades Of Blue Syntax

Install with:
    apm install all-shades-of-blue-syntax

All Shades of Blue: An Atom Syntax Theme for (Markdown) Prose Writers

Note: This theme requires burodepeper’s Markdown Grammar package.

This is an Atom theme that addresses my own preferences for writing Markdown-based prose. In particular it:

This style mostly adheres to my preferences for writing, but there are more changes I want to make (especially after I write with this theme for a while). Currently, I’ve only looked at this for Markdown; I’ll work on other syntaxes as I need to. But it was difficult to find a Markdown-based syntax theme that worked for me, so this is an attempt to solve the problem in a way that best meets my needs and preferences.

“and your heart’s a thousand colors / but they’re all shades of blue

Screenshot of theme:

A screenshot of theme theme

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