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Install with:
    apm install aligner

aligner package Build Status

Easily align multi-line with support for different operators and custom configurations

Mac: ctrl-cmd-/ Linux/Windows: ctrl-alt-/


Custom configuration

Package allows user to change the way characters are aligned. - Pad either left or right of character - If an extra whitespace should be added to the left and/or right of the character - Aligning trailing comments when aligning characters

Supported Languages

User can either align like this, coffeescript random = troll: "internet" foo: "bar" bar: "beer" or this, coffeescript random = troll : "internet" foo : "bar" bar : "beer" For more information, visit wiki

Supported character/operator

=: assignment coffeescript foo = "bar" test = "notest" hello = "world" +=, -= and other with = coffeescript foo = "bar" test += "notest" hello -= "world" :: Object coffeescript random = troll: "internet" foo: "bar" bar: "beer" ,: Items in arrays coffeescript ["helloText", 123456, "world"] ["foo" , 32124, "bar"] Comments (if Align Comments options on) javascript var hello = 'world'; // line 1 var foo = 'bar'; // line 2


Check changelog for more information

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