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Align Regexp

Install with:
    apm install align-regexp

align-regexp Atom package

This package is more or less the equivalent of Emacs align-regexp command for Atom.



Install the align-regexp package using atom package manager, if you use the CLI:

apm install align-regexp


  1. Select something
  2. Type ctrl+alt+a, or whatever keybinding you assigned. The command name is align-regexp:align-selection.
  3. Enter a regexp in the mini-editor and press enter. It will often be a single char, like = or :, but can also be for example from to align ES6 imports.

Known limitations

This package does not handle full-width chars, such as Japanese or Chinese. If someone wants to send a PR to support it, I will be glad to merge it.

Comparison to alternatives

There are a lot of packages for this task, most of them try to be smart. This ones tries to be stupid, so you have to enter explicitly on which regexp you want to align. I was using atom-alignment before creating this package. Pick the one that fits your needs the best.

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