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Alias Command

Install with:
    apm install alias-command

Atom aliasCommand

A ‘lil utility to register existing commands with new names. Useful if you’re conditioned to look for a different name, like Package Control: Install.

Getting Started

sh > apm install alias-command

From you (You can open this via Application: Open Your Init Script): ```coffee aliasCommand = atom.packages.getLoadedPackage(‘alias-command’).requireMainModule()

aliasCommand ‘tree-view:move’, orig: ‘tree-view:rename’

aliasCommand ‘package-control:install’, orig: ‘settings-view:install-packages-and-themes’

Takes an optional scope for commands that should only

# appear when a particular element has focus aliasCommand ‘grammar-selector:set-syntax’, orig: ‘grammar-selector:show’ scope: ‘atom-editor’ ```

Running Tests

sh > apm test

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