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Git Plus

Do git things without the terminal

1483786 2193
Split Diff

A split pane diff tool.

237823 388
Git Time Machine

Visually interact with git commit history for a file

233216 830
Tree View Git Status

Show the Git repository status in the Atom tree-view

74139 203
Git Diff Details

View git diffs directly in atom.

48715 91
Git Projects

List and open your local Git projects in Atom.

29839 157
Git Status

Adds git-status panel to atom editor.

27414 74
Tree View Git Branch

Quickly change git branches from the tree view

13761 66
Line Diff Details

Review/revert individual line changes.

9466 61
Git Commit

Package to make git commit from Atom

5956 14
Open Git Modified Files

Open git modified files

4658 15
Git Gui

A gui for git.

2937 9
Git Checkout

Branches managment UI for Atom

2677 7

Syntax highlighting for ‘ignore’ files : gitignore, npmignore, dockerignore, coffeelintignore, …

2441 16
Git Tools

Opens Git Gui and gitk

2314 4
Context Git

Use git from the context menu

2001 6
Tabs Closer

Adds more context menus for closing tabs

1727 12

Open current project in GitKraken.

731 7
Git Plus Plus

fix git merge without fast forward by git-plus.

589 0
Editing Diff

Marks lines in the editor gutter that have been added, edited, or deleted

572 3
Show Origin

Shows the origin of a line in the git repo

506 9
Git Status Utils

javascript utilities for parsing information from git status command

487 1
Toolbar Fusion

The ultimate toolbar for software developers.

432 2
Tree View Extended

Extend your tree-view. Add a list of open files, and a list of git modified files.

239 4
Auto Project

Set the project to the specified folders and the (Git) working folders of the opened files.

235 3
Git Support Ide

Git support for the Substance IDE

228 0
Git Authors

View authors for the currently active authors

214 1
Close Unmodified Tabs

Close all unmodified tabs.

200 4
Git Split Diff Hyperclick

Git split diff with hyperclick

189 2

Diff your files, against their version on other branches

156 0

Syntax highlighting for ‘.gitattributes’ file.

145 1
Git Revert

Revert a file back to HEAD

140 2
Git Auto Stash

Implementation of auto-save with git stash create and git stash store.

100 1
Commit Reminder

Never forget to git commit!

91 4
Git Rebase

Add keyboard shortcuts for doing “git rebase”

86 1
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