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One Light

Atom One light UI theme

282392 37
Baseonesix Tomorrow Light Theme

Base16 light theme for Atom

276161 9
One Light Syntax

Atom One light syntax theme

260517 20
Gruvbox Plus Syntax

Syntax themes with pastel ‘retro groove’ colors, dark/light mode switching, & contrast alternatives

28064 58
Flatwhite Syntax

Colored backgrounds used for code highlighting.

25430 69
Pen Paper Coffee Syntax

A syntax theme specifically for writing papers in markdown. Featuring a paper like color scheme and increased font-size for headings

21871 79
Isotope Light

A clean and configurable light UI theme.

16575 25
Duotone Light Syntax

A light DuoTone syntax theme

13778 36
Ficus Syntax

High contrast theme. Inspired by figs.

13484 4
Spacegray Light Neue

Maintained port of the Spacegray Light theme to Atom.

12230 16
Northem Light Atom Syntax

A north-bluish, light clean and elegant Atom syntax theme.

9465 8
Northem Light Atom

A north-bluish, light clean and elegant minimal Atom UI.

8071 5
Piatto Light

A clean light syntax theme

7182 13
Gl Light Syntax

A light syntax theme based on google guideline color.

7002 9

Daylight UI theme

5251 7
Minimal Syntax

Light syntax theme, high contrast/low brightness, three primary colors, easy on the eyes

5109 5
Paper Flat

A light UI theme for Atom based on Atom light UI

4483 2
Wombat Light Syntax

Wombat Atom Light Syntax Theme. ( Python, GoLang, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Markdown, PHP, HTML, CSS )

3916 3
Two Light

Two light UI theme

3840 3
Firefox Syntax

Firefox DevTools syntax with different subthemes

3572 2
Github Twoonefour Syntax

GitHub’s 2014 syntax highlighter colours

3143 6
Solarized One Light

Solarized One light UI theme for Atom

3036 2
Duotone Snow

White easy on the eyes duotone syntax theme with soft blue and red colors.

2782 3
Lazy Light Syntax

Lazy Atom Light Syntax Theme. (PHP, JavaScript, HTML)

2426 5
Github Twoonesix Syntax

GitHub flavored syntax theme for Atom

2397 4
Electron Light Syntax

A light syntax theme based on colors from the base16 ocean palette.

2393 2
One Xcode Syntax

A mixture of Atom One theme and Xcode syntax colors

2217 0
Visual Studio Code Light

The experience of Visual Studio Code, now in Atom.

2214 2

An adaptable light UI which uses your active syntax theme!

2092 4
Direct Flat

A ui theme

2012 0
Blessed Light Syntax

A double-hue syntax theme based on Duotone Light by @simurai

1911 9
Adwaita Pro

Gnome 3 Adwaita theme integration

1850 4
One Light Ui Adwaita

Atom One light UI theme for adwaita gtk3

1544 2
Duotone Light Blue Syntax

A light blue DuoTone syntax theme

1543 2
An Old Hope Light Syntax

Light Atom theme inspired by a galaxy far far away… It is an elegant theme for a more civilised age. Based on an-old-hope-syntax by JesseLeite

1362 5
Light Bint

Atom Light Bint UI theme

1264 0
Apex Syntax

Apex monochrome theme syntax inspired by iA Writer

1134 2
Focus Light

Syntax theme that lets you focus on the content

1038 14
Danikai Light Syntax

A light theme inspired by solarized, monokai and base16.

961 0
Duotone Bright Sea Syntax

A bright blue-green variant of the DuoTone Dark Sea syntax theme

959 0
Light Waves Syntax

Atom Light Waves syntax theme

868 0
Naturezen Light Syntax

Nature Zen Light syntax theme is a fork of One-light-syntax. Live in peace with your spirit. :)

864 3
Princess Syntax

A bright syntax theme, with plenty of pink and purple.

846 5
Spectrum Light Syntax

A colorful light atom syntax theme.

822 2
Newbound Light Syntax

A highly legible, moderately high contrast, light syntax theme for Atom

794 3
Udacity Syntax

Official Udacity Syntax Theme for Atom

748 1
Dead Simple Light Syntax

A light syntax theme with minimal coloring for minimal distraction.

717 3
Naturerainbow Light Syntax

Nature Rainbow Light syntax theme is a fork of One-light-syntax with rainbow colors.

673 1
Gazizza Syntax

A light and colorful syntax theme

662 0
Ambiance Pro

Ubuntu Unity Ambiance theme integration

651 0
Light Bint Syntax

Atom Light Bint Syntax theme

647 0
Filter Syntax

An Atom syntax theme with unbleached paper background colors and vibrant foreground colors.

637 0
Loparco Light Syntax

A light syntax theme that’s easy on the eyes

588 0
Gaia Syntax

Low-to-medium contrast theme. Gives an earthly feel.

583 0
Marsupial Light Syntax

Marsupial Atom Light Syntax Theme. (Markdown)

568 0
Overwatch Light Syntax

A light Overwatch syntax theme.

549 0
Nimble Light Syntax

A unique light syntax theme for Atom

516 0
Solarized Light Js Syntax

A light syntax theme using the solarized colors for Javascript

469 0
Pink Fluffy Atom Light Syntax

A light pink fluffy syntax theme

436 1
Ghar Syntax

A ‘gharelu’ syntax theme

431 1
Kyaho Syntax

A simple light syntax theme made for web development

374 1
Newbound Warm Syntax

A highly legible, medium contrast, warm syntax theme for Atom

363 2
Advanced Railscasts Light Syntax

A light syntax theme with advanced highlighting techniques that are only available to Atom.

354 2
Workout Day Syntax

Clean, light theme.

348 1
No Mans Sky Syntax

A theme inspired by No Man’s Sky Wallpaper

328 4
Vs Blue

An atom theme inspired by the visual studio blue theme.

324 0
Night Day Theming

This package allows to configure two syntax/ui theme pairs and to easily switch between these with a keyboard shortcut. In the future it might come to behave as f.lux / redshift

317 1
Sunshine Syntax

A light colorful syntax theme for Atom.

306 0
Day After Tomorrow

Port and modernization of the Tomorrow Light theme

278 2
Sonho Syntax

Medium-to-high contrast theme. Relaxed and playful.

264 1

A medium constrast theme with a light background.

259 1
Oliveira Syntax

Medium contrast theme.

256 0
Duotone Carrots Syntax

Light theme with orange and green hues. Adapted from Simurai’s excellent DuoTone theme

250 1
Now Light Syntax

Inspired by the Now Syntax theme.

247 0
Symbiosis Syntax

Medium-to-high contrast. Loosely inspired by Metroid.

243 0
Eiffel Syntax

Eiffel theme for Atom

238 0
Jsfiddle Like Syntax

A color schema with the look of the JsFiddle theme with some tweak

229 2

Modern, flat light theme for Atom

218 1
Ocean Light Syntax

A subtle atom syntax theme based on Base16 Ocean Light theme for Sublime Text.

195 0
Parasol Syntax

Light and happy theme.

182 1
Gamma Ray Syntax

Atom Gamma Ray syntax theme

178 0
Overgrowth Syntax

Medium-to-high contrast theme. Inspired by vegetation.

174 1
Dlighted Syntax

A delightful syntax theme based on the udacity-syntax theme.

174 0
Midnight Oil

Switch themes based on time of day

169 0
Ocarina Syntax

Medium contrast theme. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

157 2

A clean theme that gets out of your way

151 3
Kyaho Dark Syntax

A simple dark syntax theme made for web development

151 0
Nefelio Syntax

High contrast with vivid colours.

150 0
Flowerbed Syntax

Medium-to-high contrast with vivid colours.

147 0
Duotone Light Heath Syntax

A light DuoTone syntax theme

143 0
Pear Syntax

A nice green and yellow syntax theme inspired by pear and Japanese pear.

140 2
Duotone Light Cave Syntax

A light DuoTone syntax theme

138 0
Purplest Inc Syntax

Purplest, Inc. Syntax - A purple syntax theme for the Atom text editor.

138 1
Paperwhite Syntax

Simple and clean light Atom syntax theme

137 0
Tomorrow Night Eighties Ngtwo Syntax

Atom syntax theme using the ever popular Tomorrow Night Eighties colors with a Dark and Light theme .

134 0
Falconnine Light Syntax

Syntax theme inspired by the falcon 9 rocket

130 1
Lucius Light Syntax

Atom syntax theme based on lucius color scheme from Jonathan Filip.

128 1
Bionis Syntax

High contrast. Hinting towards the blue/purple side of the spectrum

127 0
Playa Syntax

Low-contrast theme. Conveys a feeling of summer and seaside

122 2
Neptune Syntax

Medium contrast theme.

120 0
Orionis Syntax

Low-to-medium contrast theme.

120 1
Jour Nuit

Like F.lux, for Atom themes. Auto switch UI/Syntax themes depending on the time of the day.

108 4
Clarity Light Syntax

A desaturated theme for greater focus on the code

106 0
Blau Syntax

Medium contrast theme. Inspired by the colours of FC Barcelona

99 0
Too Much Sunlight Syntax

A light theme for desks that are too close to the window

95 0
Cyprium Syntax

Low contrast theme inspired by the landscapes of Cyprus.

89 1
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