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Dark Flat

A dark flat ui theme

28450 35
Baseonesix Syntax

A Base16 syntax theme with support for all Base16 color schemes and styles.

18376 61

An updated fork of the Brogrammer theme for atom

7761 14
Flatten Json

flatten (unflatten) json

4952 8
Paper Flat

A light UI theme for Atom based on Atom light UI

4483 2
Reduced Dark

Plain elegant, unobtrusive interface featuring configurable, adaptive color palette. It’s like having a cake and eating it too.

739 3
Supine Syntax

A vividly flat theme.

657 1
Pretty Dir

Flat colors for tree view directorys

567 4

A flat dark theme

419 1
Atomic Design

A modern and refined UI-theme for any dark syntax theme, featuring custom styling for a variety of popular Atom packages.

391 0

A simple dark UI theme for Atom that matches syntax colors.

321 3

Hyper UI is flat, dark & minimal theme. Inspired by Hyper terminal

288 0
Slut Syntax

Flat syntax theme

282 1

Modern, flat light theme for Atom

218 1
Selly Syntax Ide

Flat syntax theme

181 0

A minimalist dark UI theme with material design nuances based on One Dark UI.

142 0
Selly Ui Ide

A flat dark theme.

122 0

Atom dark-brown flat UI. 🍃

106 0

Vive UI Theme for Atom.

98 2
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