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An atom package to color your SQL queries!

64996 153
No Caffeine Syntax

A dark, crisp and clean Atom Editor syntax theme with no caffeine

14445 36
Color Tabs

Adds colors to tabs..

11133 27
Gruvbox Syntax

Gruvbox enhanced for Angular JS and Typescript

11068 12

Colorpicker package for atom.

9921 7
Chrome Color Picker

A color picker inspired by chrome’s dev tools color picker

7666 14
Minimal Syntax

Light syntax theme, high contrast/low brightness, three primary colors, easy on the eyes

5109 5
Glowing Cursor

A glowing cursor based on muchWeb’s neon cursor

4164 23
Json Color

Color a JSON in Atom Editor with a color per level

4046 17

Semantic highlighting for almost any language.

3222 25
Rainbow Tabs

Adds color to the text of atom tabs, according to file extension (e.g. JS tabs are yellow)

2689 12
Minimal Syntax Dark

Dark version of minimal-syntax

2563 3
Rusty Dark Syntax

A dark rusty theme that favors orange-green-yellow colors

1826 10
Eights Pastel Syntax

A colorful trubute to the 80’s

1422 5
Spark Syntax

A theme designed to be easy on the eyes, yet have important syntax elements pop.

1379 4
Seafoam Syntax

A syntax theme consisting of soft blues and greens on a dark background

978 4
Min Ui Colorful

A mini colorful UI for Atom

967 3
Jextious Syntax

A colorful yet readable theme based on the primary colors.

830 1
Css Color Name

Autocomplete of css predefined color names

816 3
Grammar Tab Colors

Custom tab decorations based on the tabs current grammar

803 4
Lucid Tabs

Adds color to the text of atom tabs depending on the filename.

790 6
Apple Wwdc Twoonesix Syntax

Apple WWDC Syntax Theme, based on WWDC 2016.

741 2

Write your color variables in more humanized way

669 12
Gazizza Syntax

A light and colorful syntax theme

662 0
Filter Syntax

An Atom syntax theme with unbleached paper background colors and vibrant foreground colors.

637 0
Pretty Dir

Flat colors for tree view directorys

567 4
Crayons Syntax

A simple and lively syntax theme

521 3

A auto-complet with colors for terminal(Bash)

503 1
Stardust Syntax

Stardust is a colorful yet subtle syntax theme for Atom.

494 2
Colorful Cursor

Changing cursor color when you pressed key

448 2

A colorful perspective UI for Atom

387 2
Midnight Picnic

A theme for programming during both the day and night.

370 2
Ironman Syntax

A syntax scheme for Atom, inspired by IronMan.

360 1
Bluloco Dark Syntax

A fancy but yet sophisticated dark designer color scheme for the Atom editor

335 0
Sunshine Syntax

A light colorful syntax theme for Atom.

306 0
Day After Tomorrow

Port and modernization of the Tomorrow Light theme

278 2
Pure Syntax

A clear & colorful syntax theme for Atom.

272 1
Name That Color

Convert CSS hex code to human readable color name

263 0
Good Morning Dark Syntax

Good Morning Dark is a theme designed with, style and functionality in mind. It combines striking color with an easy to identify color scheme.

246 1
Popsicles Syntax

A colorful syntax theme which works with css, scss, less, html, php, js, md…

234 0

An Atom package that look for color cheat sheet

226 3
Marvel Dark Syntax

A dark & colorful syntax theme for Atom Editor.

191 1
Better Jellybeans Syntax

One of the best Vim color scheme comes to Atom (third and the last time).

187 0
Icecream Nord Syntax

Colorful dark syntax theme, using the amazing nord syntax as basis, colors are inspired by childhood memories

154 2
Codyer Theme Syntax

A dark syntax theme that uses colorful color

153 2
Bluloco Light Syntax

A fancy but yet sophisticated light designer color scheme for the Atom editor

151 0
Marvel Monokai

A dark / colorful monokai syntax theme for Atom Editor.

137 2

Change the Color from the Folders in the Tree View

125 1
Mockingbird Syntax

Syntax theme to fly away

94 1
Hue Shift Syntax

Configurable syntax engine/framework with a vivid array of configuration

89 2
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