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A dark UI theme for Atom that follows Google’s Material Design Guidelines

894100 1168
Nucleus Dark

An adaptable UI with your favorite syntax theme at its core!

295208 239
One Dark

Atom One dark UI theme

286080 97
One Light

Atom One light UI theme

282392 37

Theme designed to make Atom look more native on Windows 10

9597 21
Slim Dark

Slim dark UI based on the Atom One dark UI theme

8612 5
Glacier Dark

Atom Glacier dark UI theme

6557 5

A minimal UI for Atom

6357 3

A flexible UI that adapts to your syntax theme

4925 7
Steam Pirate

Dark , Adaptable , Steampunk Glowing UI Theme with Cool background image.

4877 21
One Dark Shade

Atom One dark UI theme variant, with lower-contrast filesystem tree and other tweaks

3995 2
Two Light

Two light UI theme

3840 3
Immersive Nucleus Dark

An immersive adaptable UI with your favorite syntax theme at its core!

2664 1

Pristine UI theme

2309 10
Github Nasa

Dark , Adaptable , Steampunk Glowing UI Theme with Cool background image.

2154 2

An adaptable light UI which uses your active syntax theme!

2092 4
Direct Flat

A ui theme

2012 0
One Dark Mini

Minimized Atom One dark UI theme, for better multi pane programming.

1614 0
One Light Ui Adwaita

Atom One light UI theme for adwaita gtk3

1544 2
Light Bint

Atom Light Bint UI theme

1264 0
Hyper Alien Ui Theme

theme ui hyper alien based in one dark theme

1135 2
Min Ui Colorful

A mini colorful UI for Atom

967 3
Two Dark

Two dark UI theme

860 3
Light Bint Syntax

Atom Light Bint Syntax theme

647 0
Sophisticated theme that’s a blend between function and design.

622 2

Atom Bugs UI theme

485 0
Varone Dark

A dark theme forked from One dark UI theme

461 1

Atom Vanian UI theme

435 1

A flat dark theme

419 1
Atomic Design

A modern and refined UI-theme for any dark syntax theme, featuring custom styling for a variety of popular Atom packages.

391 0

A colorful perspective UI for Atom

387 2
Learn Ide Material

A fork of atom-material-ui with custom defaults for the Learn IDE

351 0
Vs Blue

An atom theme inspired by the visual studio blue theme.

324 0

Adaptive dark atom ui

312 0
Neutron Dark

Carefully designed simplistic dark UI theme. Adapts to your syntax theme.

309 2
One Dark Vertical Tabs

Atom One dark Vertical Tabs UI theme

301 1
Slut Syntax

Flat syntax theme

282 1

A cross between nucleus adaptive theme and genesis focus mode made even more immersive!

271 0
Clear Night

Atom Clear Night dark UI theme

263 1
Selly Syntax Ide

Flat syntax theme

181 0
Selly Ui Ide

A flat dark theme.

122 0
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