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A unified developer experience for web and mobile development, built as a suite of features on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community.

386154 121

Marks lines/files in the editor gutter/treeview that have been added, edited, or deleted since the last commit.

24504 29

Dual-pane file manager with FTP support and much more.

12330 30

Mercurial support for Atom text editor.

5359 8

Perforce integration for Atom, using node-perforce

4913 9

Patch file highlighting support in Atom

1921 7
Gpool Diff Minimap

A minimap binding for the gpool-diff package

444 0
Google Repo Diff Minimap

A minimap binding for the google-repo-diff package

256 0
Overlay Status Icons

Overlay Status Icons on top of file-tree icons

255 3
Gpool Diff

Plugin for ‘gpool’ that adds git diff status to the gutter

236 1
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