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Run code in Atom!

677374 1167
Rest Client

A simple REST client for your favorite editor

44610 111
Ruby Test

Run Ruby tests, Rspec examples, and Cucumber features from Atom

32339 59

RSpec language package for Atom

15752 74
Rails Transporter

Open related Rails files depending on current context

12359 104

Wallaby.js Atom package

10144 38
Ruby Quick Test

Run ruby test files quickly.

2777 3

Use the Scala Build Tool (sbt).

2755 2

Snippets for AVA and run tests directly in the editor

2357 11

Mocha testrunner for atom

2112 9
Ruby Test Switcher

Switch between Ruby source code and test files with a single keystroke

1807 9
Regex Tester

Test Javascript regular expressions

1518 7
Nuclide Test Runner Jest

Jest Test Runner for nuclide-test-runner

1065 2
Perl Prove

Run perl Tests within Atom

908 3
Ajax Request

Allow you to test your ajax requests inside atom.

759 0
Nuclide Test Runner Pytest

py.test Test Runner for nuclide-test-runner

744 0

Adds syntax highlighting for Cucumber files in Atom.

671 1
Rspec Tree Runner

RSpec runner and files analyzer for Atom editor

660 4
Rspec Plus

More complete RSpec language package for Atom with double quotes

571 6
Script Fudan

Run code in Atom without Chinese encoding errors!

515 2

Snippets for Unit.js (unit testing framework for javascript front-end and Node.js).

428 1

Run tests using test providers.

424 6

A interactive test runner with IDE based Feedback

348 8
Python Mamba

mamba specs syntax highlighting and snippets

293 0
Qunit Snippets

Snippets for the QUnit Javascript Testing framework

263 1
Angular Jasmine Boilerplate Atom

AngularJS Jasmine Boilerplate Generator

245 1

Comment Driven Development

240 3
Nuclide Test Runner Cmd

Nuclide test runner for console commands

214 1

This package adds support for unit tests ran with dub, the Dlang package manager.

202 1
Tester Jest

Jest test runner provider for the interactive tester

202 4
Nuclide Test Runner Mocha

Nuclide test runner for mocha

199 1
Test Syntax

A short description of your syntax theme

192 0
Phoenix Toggle Test

Toggle loading of your Phoenix module and it’s corresponding test file.

182 1
Enzyme Snippets

Enzyme snippets for Atom

106 1
Test Runner

Run Ruby tests, Rspec examples, and Cucumber features from Atom

99 0
Ava Standard

atom standard.js snippets for AVA

93 0
Significant Other

Quickly switch between a source file and its corresponding test file

90 3
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