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Tabs To Spaces

Provides the ability to convert between leading tabs and spaces in a document

115552 511
File Type Icons

Changes the icon for files in the Tree View and Tabs to reflect the file’s type

87626 140
Sublime Tabs

Sublime-style tabs

15536 100
Color Tabs

Adds colors to tabs..

11133 27
Pinned Tabs

An Atom package that allows you to pin tabs

7816 32
Tab Control

Control and view status of indentation settings.

6965 57
Text Manipulation

A set of text manipulation commands: escape/unscape, convert tabs to spaces and back, base64 encode/decode, convert between case styles, compute hashes, etc

4647 18
Foldername Tabs

Adds foldernames to tabs..

3991 14
New Tab

New Tab is a button on the tab bar which easily creates a new file.

3080 9
Smart Tab Name

Provide smart tab names

3034 23
Rainbow Tabs

Adds color to the text of atom tabs, according to file extension (e.g. JS tabs are yellow)

2689 12
Close On Left

Positions the close button on the left side of tabs.

2057 11
Guess Indent

Provides Sublime Text’s “guess indentation settings from buffer” functionality

1894 5
Tabs Closer

Adds more context menus for closing tabs

1727 12
One Tab

Hide tabs if there is only one tab open in the pane

1650 10
The Closer

Closes the window when or after the last tab is closed. Doesn’t ask any questions.

1184 17
Tab Title

Give your unsaved tabs better names. Because “Untitled” is about as useful as dinosaur repellent.

1100 8
Nice Index

Show directory names instead of index.js.

973 14
Rename Tabs

Rename tabs titles with previous directory. Consistent with Sublime Text Editor behavior.

904 6
No Tab Close Button

Removes the close buttons from tabs (you can still close tabs with CMD+W or by clicking tab with Mouse3 button)

847 8
Hide Tabs

Hides Atom tabs without disabling the tabs plugin

826 3
Grammar Tab Colors

Custom tab decorations based on the tabs current grammar

803 4
Lucid Tabs

Adds color to the text of atom tabs depending on the filename.

790 6
Close Unmodified Tabs

Close all unmodified tabs.

200 4
Tab Foldername Index

Plugin replaces tab’s title if opened index.* file for more readability

200 3
Force Tab

Force insert tab or spaces.

180 1
No Tab Close Icon

Removes the close icon on tabs, no more misclicks!

153 2
Simple Icons

Minimalistic file icons provider for Atom

103 1
Smart Tabnames

Adds previous directory name to tabs of same filenames. Remove filenames when editing indexes.

99 4
Nord Atom Ui Vertical Tabs

Change tabs direction of nord-atom-ui

86 0
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