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Tools ยป Statusbar


Display a customizable clock in the status bar.

122860 159
Go Signature Statusbar

Display the signature of the current Go function under cursor in the status bar

30105 23
Ctags Status

Show the class/function/scope name of the current line on the status bar.

6409 20

Display time in status bar

2600 4
Yaml Path

Show current position in YAML

1340 3
Status Bar Clock

Display the current time inside the status bar

1182 10
Statusbar Datetime

Displays the date and time of the format specified in the status bar.

312 5
Gmail Checker

Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the number to open your inbox.

271 2
Statusbar Key Count

Shows number of key presses in the status bar

163 2
Status Bar Stats

Display statistics of your current Project

117 3

Simple plugin for checking your stock in editor (Yahoo Finance).

102 2
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