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Tools ยป Refactoring

Python Tools

Goto definition, show usages, refactor/rename and more for python files

134960 170
Php Integrator Refactoring

Provides refactoring capabilities for your PHP source code.

15324 36
Rubocop Auto Correct

Auto-correct ruby source code by using rubocop in Atom

14539 51
Cpp Refactor

C++ refactoring tool

3874 4
Php Refactoring

PHP Refactoring Browser implementation for atom.

3000 7
Javascript Refactor

JavaScript refactoring support for Atom

1697 7
Ror Refactor

A set of refactoring tools for Ruby On Rails

389 2

Simultaneously edit multiple text ranges with related meanings, but different forms.

146 6

Easily transpile code between languages in a standard way.

111 1
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