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Project Manager

Project Manager for easy access and switching between projects in Atom.

638653 1864
Git Projects

List and open your local Git projects in Atom.

29839 157
Project Viewer

A project manager that lets you add, edit and remove groups and projects as well as switching between them.

28437 57
Build Tools

Build your projects in atom

26892 35
Project Plus

Simply awesome project management in Atom.

15305 109
Shell Commands

Customize shell commands. Similar to ‘Run Commands’ in NotePad++, ‘User Tool’ in EditPlus/UltraEdit, ‘External Tool’ in GEdit and ‘Shell Commands’ in TextMate.

8745 21
Project View

Show project details in the Atom tree-view

8583 29
Php Navigation

Navigation by project classes in atom editor. To activate press cmd-alt-n. To navigate press alt + click

6598 9
Project Sidebar

Atom editor sidebar plugin that can be used to open project directories.

5747 23
Editor Settings

Editor settings per-language, extension and directory.

5712 38

Open current project in GitKraken.

731 7
Promote Folder To Project

Add folders to your current project by right clicking on them in the tree view

597 3
Sort Projects

Atom package to sort projects alphabetically

558 8
Project Jump

Simple Project Navigation for Atom, without the fuss.

532 3
Project Environment

Instant tree view setup for multiple repository projects

314 8
Auto Project

Set the project to the specified folders and the (Git) working folders of the opened files.

235 3
Project Alias

Rename a project by right-clicking it

141 0
Project Manager Ide

Manages Substance IDE Projects

138 1
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