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Project Manager

Project Manager for easy access and switching between projects in Atom.

638653 1864

Build your current project, directly from Atom

197682 292
Sync Settings

Synchronize package settings, keymap and installed packages

155624 1013
Imdone Atom

A task board made from TODO comments in your code and text files.

98807 249
Tree View Git Status

Show the Git repository status in the Atom tree-view

74139 203
Turbo Javascript

A collection of commands and snippets for optimizing Javascript and Typescript development productivity

61105 170
Essix Javascript

A collection of commands and ES6 focused snippets for optimizing modern Javascript development productivity.

41674 90
Angular Two Typescript Snippets

Angular 2 TypeSctipt Snippets for Atom.

34791 29

An Atom package that creates dynamic hotkeys to jump around files across visible panes.

33930 348
Git Projects

List and open your local Git projects in Atom.

29839 157
Project Viewer

A project manager that lets you add, edit and remove groups and projects as well as switching between them.

28437 57

Manage your todo lists

25275 120
Build Cargo

Runs Cargo targets

21662 22
Build Make

Runs GNU Make

16717 37
Project Plus

Simply awesome project management in Atom.

15305 109
Build Gulp

Runs gulp targets

11615 32
Fuzzy Grep

Fuzzy grep project using ag, pt, ack, grep, ripgrep, or git-grep

10943 66
Quick Javascript

Write JavaScript quickly with over 150+ handy snippets. Fully ES6! Less typing more coding!

9570 7
Python Yapf

Format Python files using Google’s YAPF

9290 20
Html To Css

Generate CSS classes from HTML structure

9022 24
Preview Inline

Inline preview of LaTeX maths and images in markdown files

8931 29
Todo Manager

Manage TODOs, NOTEs and more from inside your editor

8664 20
Project View

Show project details in the Atom tree-view

8583 29
Foldingtext For Atom

Outline editor with productivity features.

8413 48
Build Gradle

Runs Gradle builds

7013 13
Autocomplete Java Minus

Autocomplete suggestions for Java

6970 6
Tab Control

Control and view status of indentation settings.

6965 57
Ever Notedown

Edit Evernote notes in Atom with Markdown via AppleScript (OSX only currently)

6843 62

Helps you learn Atom’s shortcuts, hit ctrl + ` to see a shortcut cheatsheet.

6433 21

an Atom package for finding TODO statements

5846 14
Project Sidebar

Atom editor sidebar plugin that can be used to open project directories.

5747 23
Standardjs Snippets

A collection of JavaScript snippets for Atom, StandardJS Style

5562 23
Build Npm Apm

Runs npm/apm targets

5269 17
Java Classpath Registry

Java Classpath Registry

4653 4
Java Plus

Make your Java development experience bareable.

4578 13
Standard Angularjs Snippets

A collection of AngularJS snippets for Atom, Standard Style

4253 4
Build Elixir

Runs Elixir targets

4141 4
Nav Panel

Side panel with automatic, configurable markers for easy navigation with support for persistent bookmarks.

3573 24

searchable outline of JS code (functions, classes, variables, objects, TODO comments etc.)

3139 16
Toggle Markdown Task

Toggle completion of tasks in GitHub-flavored Markdown files

2690 20
Build Xcodebuild

Runs Xcodebuild

2608 4
Build Grunt

Runs grunt targets

2422 7
Imdone Atom Github

Link GitHub issues to FIXME and TODO comments in your code.

2169 23
File Bookmark

Bookmark files in your project for quick access

2072 11
Auto Fold

Automatically folds the editor on specified rows

1849 6
Build Dockerfile

Builds Dockerfile

1611 4
Bookmark Panel

Side panel with automatic, configurable anchors/bookmarks

1286 6
Navigation History

Navigate cursor history across multiple files, similar to jump back and jump forward in Sublime Text.

1263 4

Outlining and todo lists in Atom (similar to org-mode)

1245 12
Spotify Remote

Use your keyboard to play, pause, go to previous and next track on Spotify without leaving your favorite editor

1100 3
Package Sync

Synchronize your atom packages easily

1082 5
Symbols Plus

Symbol browser and (project-wide) jump (replaces built-in symbols-view).

977 3
Nav Panel Plus

Side panel with automatic, configurable markers for easy navigation with support for persistent bookmarks.

882 9
Build Cocos

Runs cocos comand to build cocos2d-x C++/Lua/Javascript projects

721 3
Build Oracle

Build Oracle PL/SQL code

559 0
Mysql Snippets

A collection of MySQL commands for optimizing modern MySQL development productivity.

547 2
Todo Extra Words

Extra words highlighting support in Atom

477 6
Build Make File

Runs GNU Make in the folder of the current file

475 0
Snazzy Clear Syntax

Simple, distraction-free atom syntax based on awesome hyper-snazzy

410 3

Atomic Todo/Wiki/Blog helper

395 2

Organize python imports using isort

324 2
Java Snippets

A collection of Java commands for optimizing modern Java development productivity.

322 2
Tomato Timer

A productivity timer using the Pomodoro Technique.

289 3
Event Watch

Keep watch on important upcoming events.

265 3

// TODOs: Organize your TODOs

264 0
Imdone Atom Harbour

A TODO comment task-board that does your issue tracking so you can stay in the zone.

247 4
Force Tab

Force insert tab or spaces.

180 1

This tool aid mensure time working in editor atom, you can use this for billing.

171 2
Midnight Oil

Switch themes based on time of day

169 0
Build Busted

Runs busted unit testing for Lua projects

151 1
Rust Doc Viewer

View your Rust project docs right inside of Atom

150 1
Project Manager Ide

Manages Substance IDE Projects

138 1
Build Rebarthree

Runs Rebar3 targets

124 0
Sticky Cursor

Sticks cursor to beginning/end of line when moving up/down

118 2
Treedbox Atom Javascript

javaScript Snippets for fast development in

103 1
Quick Lodash

_lodash snippets for Atom

103 1
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