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Browser Plus

Browser Plus - Check FAQ

114414 200

Run code and get results inline using Jupyter kernels like IPython, IJulia, and iTorch

87693 259

The only LaTeX package you need for typesetting with Atom.

54544 5
Asciidoc Preview

Show an HTML preview for the AsciiDoc content in the current editor

51905 60
Markdown Scroll Sync

Auto-scroll markdown-preview tab to match markdown source

51312 215

Ultimate previewer of source code in Atom.

37252 155
Markdown Themeable Pdf

Themeable markdown converter (Print to PDF, HTML, JPEG or PNG)

28357 63
Coffee Compile

Preview, compile and/or save CoffeeScript in editor to Javascript

26520 59
Preview Plus

Preview Plus # Preview Any thing

25892 53
Plantuml Viewer

Open a rendered diagram of the PlantUML source in an editor with ctrl-alt-p.

19931 67
Development Server

a development server for atom

13061 11

Dual-pane file manager with FTP support and much more.

12330 30
Editor Background

Background image / animation changer. Change your mood by changing what you looking at most of the time. Background changer with some additional readability improvement and a lot of features…

11148 44
Plantuml Preview

Package for using PlantUML to create rendered uml diagrams and display. Toggle with shortcut. Updates on save. Handles multipage sequence diagrams. Feature rich, configuration heavy.

11058 9

Jump to any file/Back(f2/f3)

10816 37
Preview Inline

Inline preview of LaTeX maths and images in markdown files

8931 29
Source Preview

Source Preview for Atom

6961 30
Pinegrow Atom

Enable live editing with Pinegrow Web Editor. Changes done in Pinegrow are synced to Atom and vice versa. Selecting element in Pinegrow highlights it in Atom. Pressing CTRL+ALT+P in Atom selects the active element in Pinegrow. Pinegrow 2.9 is required.

5881 5
Steam Pirate

Dark , Adaptable , Steampunk Glowing UI Theme with Cool background image.

4877 21
Asciidoc Image Helper

When pasting an image into an asciidoc document, this package will paste clipboard image data as a file into a folder specified by the user. It will then insert the image url within an asciidoc image reference at the current cursor position.

3837 4
Pp Markdown

MarkDown Preview

3390 1
Markdown Assistant

assistant for markdown writer which can upload image from clipboard

3236 3
Github Nasa

Dark , Adaptable , Steampunk Glowing UI Theme with Cool background image.

2154 2
Markdown Image Helper

When paste image to markdown ,this will make a directory name “assets” and will paste the image as a png file in this image ,then will insert a relative image url

2112 14
Click Link

Enables ctrl clicking links and opening them in the browser

2110 10
Graphviz Preview Plus

Write and preview GraphViz dot. Shortcut: ctrl-shift-V.

1619 10
Geojson Preview

Preview geojson file in your text editor!

1513 7
Xatom Debug

A Simple Debugger for Atom

1426 3

Insert an img tag with a placeholder image from into your code.

1360 5

An Atom package to insert image form clipboard into markdown file

1160 11
To Basesixfour

Converts any data (also https? content) to base64, furthermore it creates different views like Data URI if possible.

1088 4
Elm Instant

Try your elm code from the editor. Provides a visual REPL and a preview pane

1087 5

PP-PreviewPlus~framework for all previews

969 2
Mscgen Preview

Write and preview sequence charts with MscGen and its brethren. Shortcut: ctrl-shift-G.

938 5
Image Resize

A resize tool for image files and Base64 encoded images.

930 5
Markdown Img Paste

Just use ‘ctrl+shfit+v’ paste image into markdown

863 3
Modal File Manager

A file browser in modal Panel.

827 2

Minify PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG images with imagemin

784 3
All Times You Know

A simple package that just changes the Atom’s background but in a so awesome way.

765 2
Source Preview Sass

source-preview provider for Sass.

675 0
Global Background

A simple package that sets the Atom’s custom global-background image

583 2
Pane Browser

🗿 An browser on Atom

570 3
Markdown Image Insertion

Simple helper for inserting images into markdown documents.

566 2
React Component Preview

Preview React Component

555 2
Source Preview Postcss

source-preview provider for PostCSS.

515 0
Source Preview Markdown

source-preview provider for Markdown.

487 1
Tab Preview

Add small code preview with last activity status to the file title bar

449 5
Web Lookup

You can do research in atom editor.

422 0
Markdown Image Assistant

Add sane drag and drop and copy/paste support for images to markdown files

418 3
Drop Basesixfour Encoding

Drag and drop Attachment files (image, pdf, etc..) to Base64 encoding

396 2
Markdown Wrapper

Wraps markdown links, images, bold and italic text.

385 1
Source Preview Less

source-preview provider for Less.

378 0
Rst Preview Docutils

A preview using the original RestructuredText docutils implementation. Requires the docutils python package and language-restructuredtext

359 0
Markdown Auto Preview

Automatically makes the preview tab visible, when a Markdown file’s text editor is activated. (The preview needs to be already opened, and in a different pane.)

358 0
Source Preview Stylus

source-preview provider for Stylus.

277 0
Flickr Background

Change your Atom background by awesome photos comes from Flickr

226 0
Insert Img

An atom package for inserting images easily from clipboard, saving the image to file and uploading the image to qiniu cloud.

199 1
Markdown Image Paste

Just use ‘ctrl+v’ paste image into markdown

187 0
Paste Image Two

Paste image to markdown/html.

176 1
Dicom Dump

DICOM viewer for Atom

160 2
State Machine Cat Preview

Write beautiful state charts

154 1
Rust Doc Viewer

View your Rust project docs right inside of Atom

150 1
Img Paste

Save image in clipboard to file, and generate a markdown tag for insert it

146 0
Markdown Assistant By Edc

assistant for markdown writer which can upload image from clipboard

135 2
Contextual Preview

Automatically delegate which preview package to activate based on the active grammar of the current file.

130 1
Inspect Python

A less-distracting alternative to the common “go-to-definition” functionality.

118 1
Processing Preview

Live Processing.js preview

99 2
Rails Open

Opens current rails controller#index path in browser

89 1
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