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Advanced Open File

Open and create files and directories easily. Type in a path (with autocomplete) and view directory contents.

157414 400

An Atom package that creates dynamic hotkeys to jump around files across visible panes.

33930 348
Php Integrator Navigation

Provides code navigation and go to functionality for your PHP source code.

32899 52
Ruby Block

Atom highlight matching ruby block

24592 102
Switch Header Source

Quick switching between C/C++/Objective-C header and source files

16674 57
Node Resolver

Atom plugin to jump to a module’s file from its require statement

11723 37

Jump to any file/Back(f2/f3)

10816 37
Php Navigation

Navigation by project classes in atom editor. To activate press cmd-alt-n. To navigate press alt + click

6598 9
Auto Copyright

Inserts a standard copyright notice

3205 13
Save Commands

Package for Atom. Assign parametrized shell commands to file globs to be automatically run whenever the file is saved

3127 16

Atom language support for dot files like .gitignore, .npmignore, .env and etc

2592 30
File Explorer

It provides SelectList View for accessing the project file and directory like fuzzy-finder.

1838 10
Path Hyperclick

File jumper with hyperclick

1158 3
To Basesixfour

Converts any data (also https? content) to base64, furthermore it creates different views like Data URI if possible.

1088 4
Fold Navigator

A preview of your source code through code folding points.

970 4
File Browser

FileBrowser is a better Tree View

905 1
Modal File Manager

A file browser in modal Panel.

827 2
Lucid Tabs

Adds color to the text of atom tabs depending on the filename.

790 6
Node Resolvertwo

Atom plugin to jump to a module’s file from its require statement

784 1
Python Suite

Beta. A convenient display of all funtions and variables, plus other useful tools

779 0
On Save

Run a shell command when you save a file (working and actively maintained package!)

764 3

Save a file as super user

709 3
Erlang Autocompile

Autocompile erlang files

656 0
Editing Diff

Marks lines in the editor gutter that have been added, edited, or deleted

572 3
Prompt Big File

Avoid opening big files by accident which might cause Atom to stop responding

417 1
Delete Files

Delete files matching patterns

267 1
Overlay Status Icons

Overlay Status Icons on top of file-tree icons

255 3
Replace Pane

Opens file in current pane/tab instead of in a new tab

224 1
Crystal Block

Atom highlight matching crystal block

209 1
Spl File Templates

Create file(s) from templates

188 2
Switch Extension

A package that allows you to quickly switch between files with different file extensions in the same directory.

188 1
Delete Current File

Command to delete the active file.

159 1
Comment Anchors

Anchor your comments! A package to easily navigate your code in Atom (like Xcode section titles).

157 4
Sticky Cursor

Sticks cursor to beginning/end of line when moving up/down

118 2
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