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A Base Linter with Cow Powers

3119225 3489
Go Plus

Makes working with Go in Atom awesome.

336080 433

Helps developers maintain consistent coding styles between different editors

323118 1090
Linter Csslint

Lint CSS on the fly, using csslint

283815 825
Linter Htmlhint

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to HTMLHint.

262157 565

Validate JavaScript with JSHint. In realtime or on save. Supports JSX (React).

230225 329
Linter Pycodestyle

Linter plugin for pycodestyle

152122 187
Linter Gcc

Lint C and C++ source files using gcc / g++

123021 107
Linter Sass Lint

Atom Linter plugin to lint your Sass/SCSS with pure node sass-lint

121372 208
Linter Tidy

Linter plugin for HTML, using tidy

83567 205
Linter Jsonlint

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to jsonlint

81569 377
Linter Js Standard

Linter plugin for JavaScript Standard Style

81289 144
Linter Stylelint

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to stylelint.

74654 150
Minimap Linter

Minimap display for Linter messages

44100 261
Linter Phpmd

Lint PHP on the fly, using phpmd

43142 80
Linter Erb

Linter plugin for ERB, using erb -x

38744 142
Linter Markdown

Lint markdown on the fly, using remark-lint

37577 129
Linter Bootlint

Lint Bootstrap HTML on the fly, using bootlint.

33240 93
Linter Pylama

Lint python on the fly, using pylama

30352 26
Linter Puppet Lint

Lint puppet on save using puppet-lint

29603 43
Linter Flow

Lint JavaScript on the fly, using Flow

25676 71
Linter Xo

Linter for XO

23027 37
Linter Golinter

Check Go files with golint tool

20594 45
Linter Chktex

Linter plugin for LaTeX, using chktex

20362 55
Php Integrator Linter

Lints your PHP source code to indicate various problems such as missing methods.

20321 35
Linter Hlint

Lint Haskell code with hlint

17454 38
Fast Eslint

ESLint linter plugin for JavaScript, lightweight

15005 9
Jscs Fixer

Atom package to run jscs –fix on your scripts

12303 32
Linter Ansible Linting

Ansible linting via ansible-lint

11432 23

Run lint tools using lint providers.

10815 19
You Complete Me

YouCompleteMe for Atom Editor

9600 34
Linter Swagger

Lint Swagger files on the fly, using swagger-parser

8052 19
Linter Twig

Atom linter for Twig templates

7858 25
Build Powershell

Atom Build provider for Microsoft PowerShell, runs PowerShell scripts

6510 4
Linter Manager

Manage linter messages using bottom-dock

6313 29
Linter Luacheck

Lint Lua on the fly, using luacheck

6030 12
Linter Cppcheck

A linter for Atom using Cppcheck

5669 12
Build Python

Atom Build provider for python/python3/py, compiles Python

4955 2
Ocaml Merlin

Linting, autocompletion, type checking, refactoring and code navigation for Ocaml/Reason with Merlin.

4556 5
Linter Ansible Syntax

Ansible linting via ansible-playbook –syntax-check

4207 7
Vim Modeline

Enable Vim-style modeline in Atom.

4110 10
Linter Matlab

Linter plugin for MATLAB, using mlint

4044 17
Linter Pug Lint

Atom linter plugin for Pug, using pug-lint.

3748 10
Build Sass

Atom Build provider for sass, compiles Sass/SCSS

3703 5
Linter Js Standard Jsx

Linter plugin for JavaScript Standard Style (JSX)

3461 4
Linter Swiftlint

Lint Swift files using swiftlint to offer style advice

3413 8

C/C++ Code Completion and Linting via LibClang for Atom Editor

3411 8
Linter Perlcritic

Linter plugin for perl, using perlcritic

3202 10
Linter Rails Best Practices

Atom linter plugin for Rails best practices

3184 10
Linter Govet

Check Go files with go vet tool

3062 11
Linter Gfortran

Lint Fortran files using gfortran

2615 3
Linter Flow Plus

A better and maintained linter for flow types

2575 12
Autocomplete Flow

flow powered javascript autocomplete provider for atom

2546 5
Linter Terraform Syntax

Terraform lint via validate or plan

2513 3
Linter Perl Check Syntax

Linter plugin for perl, using perl -c

2422 4
Linter Textlint

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to textlint.

2270 17
Linter Gotype

Check Go files with gotype tool

2267 9
Linter Solidity

Linter support for Solidity

2259 4
Linter Verilog

Atom linter for Verilog, using icarus verilog.

2173 7
Epitech Norm Linter

Lint your projects using your Epitech norminette

1634 2
Linter Js Tenx

Linter plugin for Ten-X using JavaScript Standard Style.

1466 0
Linter Polymer

Linter plugin for Polymer elements, using polylint

1453 5
Linter Node Dependencies

Lints dependencies

1437 4
Linter Lua Findglobals

Check Lua global variable access on the fly.

1386 4
Build Coffee

Atom Build provider for coffee, compiles CoffeeScript

1386 2
Linter Swift Package Manager

Lint Swift using Swift Package Manager

1358 3
Norminette Linter

A linter for the 42 school norm

1248 4
Build Lessc

Atom Build provider for lessc, compiles Less

1175 1
Linter Kotlin

A linter for the kotlin language using kotlinc

1155 5
Linter Ocaml

Lint ocaml on the fly, using merlin.

1071 3
Linter Spell

Multilingual grammar-specific spell checking using Ispell-interface such as Aspell or Hunspell.

1044 0
Linter Markdownlint

Lint Markdown with mdl

1001 12
Build Rscript

Atom Build provider for Rscript, runs R

972 0
Linter Julia

Lint.jl support for Atom using the linter package

882 1
Build Makensis

Atom Build provider for makensis, compiles NSIS

761 1
Linter Mypy

Lint Python optional Type Hints (PEP-484).

734 1
Linter Haproxy

Linter for HAProxy config

720 1
Linter Gml

A GML (GameMaker language) linter

565 1
Linter Marlint

Atom Linter plugin for Marlint

559 2
Build Stylus

Atom Build provider for stylus, compiles Stylus

524 0
Build Tsc

Atom Build provider for tsc, compiles TypeScript

521 0
Optional Jshint

Same as sindresorhus’ jshint atom plug in, but only runs if you have a .jshintrc

520 1

Paradise for Vala developers.

519 3
Yaml Sortkey

Sort YAML keys and validate YAML

513 4
Linter Spell Latex

LaTeX, TeX and BibTeX spell checking using linter-spell.

458 0
Build Love

Build and run Love projects with atom-build.

433 1
Linter Cnew

Lint C and C++ source files using gcc or g++

374 2
Linter Spell Html

HTML spell checking using linter-spell.

366 0
Linter Puppet Parsing

Puppet lint via parser validate

360 0
Linter Remark

Check markdown with remark

331 2
Build Makensis Wine

Atom Build provider for makensis on Wine, compiles NSIS

326 1
Linter Lein

Atom linter plugin for Clojure by loading each file.

324 0
Csstree Validator

Validate CSS according to W3C specs and browser implementations

306 2
Build Sassc

Atom Build provider for sassc, compiles Sass

303 2
Linter Raml Myrules

New Linter for Atom editor (and console) that validates your RAML files and expandable with your own personal rules!

288 1
Linter Sourcekitten Syntax

Provide syntax information to Swift files using sourcekitten

253 0
Linter Swagger Improved

Lint Swagger files on save, using swagger-parser

250 1
Build Tclsh

Atom Build provider for tclsh, runs Tcl

226 0
Linter Spell Javascript

JavaScript spell checking using linter-spell.

226 0
Linter Opencl

Linter plugin for OpenCl.

221 0
Lint Sass Vue

Plugin to lint your Sass/SCSS inside .vue files!

198 3
Linter Eastwood

Atom linter plugin for Clojure using lein eastwood.

187 0
Npm Outdated

Everything you need to keep your package.json up-to-date

184 1
Path Of Exile Item Filter

A grammar implementation for Path of Exile item filters

177 2
Linter Spell Ruby

Ruby spell checking using linter-spell.

120 1
Build Sugarss

Atom Build provider for postcss/sugarss, compiles SugarSS

113 0

Tapplint plugin for Atom

107 0
Linter Slime Lint

Lint Common Lisp on save using SLIME.

106 0
Build Cssnext

Atom Build provider for postcss-cssnext, compiles cssnext

104 2
Squirrel Linter

Squirrel Linter, Electric Imp-compatible

99 0

An Atom plugin to boost your WebExtensions add-on development.

94 0
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