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Atom language support for NSIS, including grammar, snippets and build system

6277 6

Atom language support for Inno Setup, including grammar, snippets and build system

1378 0
Build Makensis

Atom Build provider for makensis, compiles NSIS

761 1
Nsis Plugins

Atom snippets for NSIS plug-ins

757 2

Atom language support for nsL Assembler, including grammar, snippets and build system

563 1
Build Nsl

Atom Build provider for nsL Assembler, transpiles nsL code into NSIS scripts

392 0
Build Makensis Wine

Atom Build provider for makensis on Wine, compiles NSIS

326 1
Nsis Ide

Adds IDE-like features for NSIS development in Atom

283 0

Atom language support for NSIS Language Files

258 1

Atom language support for BridleNSIS, including grammar, snippets and a rudimentary build system

191 0
Build Innosetup

Atom Build provider for Inno Setup, compiles Inno Setup scripts

164 0
Haskell Nsis

Snippets for the Haskell NSIS package. Work in progress!

113 0
Build Bridlensis

Atom Build provider for BridleNSIS, transpiles BridleNSIS into NSIS

89 0
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