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Dash documentation integration with Atom

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Open Last Project

An Atom package that automatically reopens the last project and files you were working on.

17415 82
Api Docs

Documentation browser for popular APIs and languages.

12392 53
Haskell Hoogle

Lets you look up the marked text on via context menu, toolbar item and the exposed command haskell-hoogle:lookup.

5308 7

Open an npm package on or its repo on

2053 3
Live Doc Viewer

Fetch documentation for word under cursor automatically. Can use any command line program similar to ‘pydoc’ or ‘man’.

1006 6

Paradise for Vala developers.

519 3

Generate SassDoc compliant comment blocks for SASS/SCSS development.

367 4
Code Annotations

An atom package for annotating your source with anything

276 1
Rust Doc Viewer

View your Rust project docs right inside of Atom

150 1
Xmldoc Snippets

Atom XML-Doc snippets intended for C#

124 0
Cljs Doc

ClojureScript core library documentation viewer for Atom

115 0
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