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A unified developer experience for web and mobile development, built as a suite of features on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community.

386154 121
Go Debug

go debugger using delve for atom

126285 68
Node Debug

Node.js debugging interface for Atom using node-inspector.

6956 6
Console Log

A console.log generator, console.log cleaner (deconsoler)

5696 20

GDB debbuger for Atom

5063 15
Dbg Gdb

An interactive GDB debugger for Atom

2150 2

An interactive debugger frontend

2043 5

Sets breakpoints in .gdbinit file and starts your favorite gdb debugger frontend

1979 7

Debug your code using debug providers.

1913 4
Xatom Debug

A Simple Debugger for Atom

1426 3
Wordpress Suite

Debug Watcher, WP-CLI Commands, Quick Tools.

1333 5
Haskell Debug

Implements a graphical haskell debugger in atom, using ghci.

1183 0
Android Debugger

Android remote GDB debugger

731 2
Gdb Debugger

GDB integration for Atom

705 4
Gdb Debug

gdb debugger interface for atom

559 0
Platformio Ide Debugger

A debugging front-end for PlatformIO IDE

501 1

– Work in Progress – Debugger package for Atom

240 1

Enables adding and removing of breakpoints in Brightscript files by clicking on the line number.

183 1
Kutt Ndk Debugger

Android NDK debbuger for Atom

177 0
Swd Debugger

SWD GDB debugger

114 1
Dbg Arm None Eabi Gdb

A GDB debugger for ARM None EABI

84 0
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