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Tabs To Spaces

Provides the ability to convert between leading tabs and spaces in a document

115552 511
Markdown Themeable Pdf

Themeable markdown converter (Print to PDF, HTML, JPEG or PNG)

28357 63
Text Manipulation

A set of text manipulation commands: escape/unscape, convert tabs to spaces and back, base64 encode/decode, convert between case styles, compute hashes, etc

4647 18
Php Refactoring

PHP Refactoring Browser implementation for atom.

3000 7
Css Unit Converter

Performs conversions between different CSS lengths.

2725 15
Html To Elm

Convert selected html to elm

2494 6
Ascii Hex

Convert your selected text from ASCII to hex and vice versa

1722 3
Plist Converter

Automatically convert binary .plist files on macOS.

1462 1

Convert JSON to CSON, and vice versa

1380 8
Chinese Translator

Translates between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

1299 1
To Basesixfour

Converts any data (also https? content) to base64, furthermore it creates different views like Data URI if possible.

1088 4

Converts snippets for Atom, Sublime Text, TextMate, and Visual Studio Code

1045 5
Coffee Paste

Copy/Paste As : Js ➤ Coffee / Coffee ➤ Js

979 3

Easily transpile code between languages in a standard way.

111 1
Cson Parser

Convert JSON to CSON, and vice versa

102 2
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