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Clipboard Plus

Keeps your clipboard history.

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Vim Mode Clipboard Plus

Add clipboard-plus feature to vim-mode

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Asciidoc Image Helper

When pasting an image into an asciidoc document, this package will paste clipboard image data as a file into a folder specified by the user. It will then insert the image url within an asciidoc image reference at the current cursor position.

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Markdown Image Helper

When paste image to markdown ,this will make a directory name “assets” and will paste the image as a png file in this image ,then will insert a relative image url

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Useful Context Menu

A set of useful context menu actions

1164 7

An Atom package to insert image form clipboard into markdown file

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Coffee Paste

Copy/Paste As : Js ➤ Coffee / Coffee ➤ Js

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Yaml Path Copy

Copy or displays a full path of the current yaml key.

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Markdown Wrapper

Wraps markdown links, images, bold and italic text.

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Copy File Contents

Copy file contents to clipboard right from the tree view’s context menu!

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Clipboard Master

The ultimate tool to manage your clipboard history within Atom. Copy and paste up to five item from your new clipboard history.

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Img Paste

Save image in clipboard to file, and generate a markdown tag for insert it

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Paste Repeater

Paste system clipboard multiple times

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