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Run code in Atom!

677374 1167

Build your current project, directly from Atom

197682 292

Run code and get results inline using Jupyter kernels like IPython, IJulia, and iTorch

87693 259
Set Syntax

Creates easy Command Palette commands for setting the syntax of the current file

61689 226
Gpp Compiler

Compile and run C and C++ within Atom

61319 41

The only LaTeX package you need for typesetting with Atom.

54544 5
Build Tools

Build your projects in atom

26892 35
Coffee Compile

Preview, compile and/or save CoffeeScript in editor to Javascript

26520 59
Grunt Runner

Run your grunt tasks from Atom.

26125 72
Build Cargo

Runs Cargo targets

21662 22
Gcc Make Run

Compile-run C/C++ source code and execute Makefile in Atom.

18533 16
Build Make

Runs GNU Make

16717 37
Java Generator

Generates getter, setter, toString, constructor, and builder methods for java classes.

13682 19

A collection of snippets and tools for Jekyll

13427 49
Build Gulp

Runs gulp targets

11615 32
Run Command

Run any Unix command.

11582 22
Jade Autocompile

Jade autocompiler for

9278 14
Shell Commands

Customize shell commands. Similar to ‘Run Commands’ in NotePad++, ‘User Tool’ in EditPlus/UltraEdit, ‘External Tool’ in GEdit and ‘Shell Commands’ in TextMate.

8745 21
Build Cmake

Generate and build cmake projects from within Atom.

8605 13
Gulp Manager

Manage gulpfiles from inside your editor

7719 31
Build Gradle

Runs Gradle builds

7013 13
Python Test

Run py.test tests using Python

6313 5

Atom language support for NSIS, including grammar, snippets and build system

6277 6
R Exec

Send R code to various R consoles

6173 8
Arduino Upload

Upload your arduino sketches without using the IDE

5830 8
Ember Cli Helper

Ember CLI integration for Atom

5406 10
Build Npm Apm

Runs npm/apm targets

5269 17
Build Python

Atom Build provider for python/python3/py, compiles Python

4955 2
Run Commandtwo

Run any Unix command.

4920 13

Integration with PlatformIO an open source ecosystem for IoT development. Cross-platform code builder and library manager. Continuous and IDE integration. Arduino and MBED compatible. Ready for Cloud compiling.

4733 14
Build Elixir

Runs Elixir targets

4141 4
Process Palette

Run shell commands via the command palette.

3930 19
Build Sass

Atom Build provider for sass, compiles Sass/SCSS

3703 5

Sass compiler for atom.

3486 6

Allow user to open a CMD from current directory in Atom tree-view or editor.

3399 11
Save Commands

Package for Atom. Assign parametrized shell commands to file globs to be automatically run whenever the file is saved

3127 16
Grunt Manager

Manage gruntfiles from inside Atom

3078 9
Build Sbt

Runs sbt builds

2849 4

Use the Scala Build Tool (sbt).

2755 2
Build Xcodebuild

Runs Xcodebuild

2608 4
Build Grunt

Runs grunt targets

2422 7

Snippets for AVA and run tests directly in the editor

2357 11
Linter Verilog

Atom linter for Verilog, using icarus verilog.

2173 7
Server Script

Atom editor package to sync files and/or run a script on the server

1992 2
Command Executor

Create, manage and run shell commands, JS files

1824 6

Run your app using run providers.

1648 4
Build Dockerfile

Builds Dockerfile

1611 4
Titanium Build

Run, package and deploy with Appcelerator Titanium

1547 4
Build Coffee

Atom Build provider for coffee, compiles CoffeeScript

1386 2

Atom language support for Inno Setup, including grammar, snippets and build system

1378 0
Less Build

LESS Builder

1377 0
Particle Dev Local Compiler

Package providing local compilation for Particle devices in Particle Dev

1369 0
Vim Colon Command On Command Pallete

Add colon command on Command Pallete to vim-mode

1362 1
Menu Manager

Menu Manager shows main menu items and all context menu items from Atom.

1305 9
Build Platformio

Build service provider for PlatformIO

1286 0
Autocompiler Pug Jade

Atom extension that autocompiles jade and Pug (The new renamed Jade). - Built on top of jade-autocompile Atom extension by Manuel Rueda

1270 3
Save Autorun

Automatically run shell commands when you save files.

1233 5
Build Lessc

Atom Build provider for lessc, compiles Less

1175 1
Gulp Watcher

A utility to use, forked from gulp-helper

1135 4
Build Processing

Processing build system for Atom

1117 1
Gradle Manager

Manage gradle from inside your editor

981 5
Build Rscript

Atom Build provider for Rscript, runs R

972 0

Build ( language support for Atom

969 2

A console for Atom in the vein of Emac’s ‘M-x’ feature

819 2
Particle Offline Compiler

100% offline compiling + upload workflow for Particle devices. Please see readme for prerequisites.

805 0
On Save

Run a shell command when you save a file (working and actively maintained package!)

764 3
Build Makensis

Atom Build provider for makensis, compiles NSIS

761 1
Java Generator Plus

Generates getter, setter, toString, constructor, and builder methods for java classes.

754 0
Build Cocos

Runs cocos comand to build cocos2d-x C++/Lua/Javascript projects

721 3
Make Runner Panel

Run make command

692 0
Erlang Autocompile

Autocompile erlang files

656 0
Grunt Configs plugin to auto-generate separate grunt configuration files from your Gruntfile.js.

587 2
Build Oracle

Build Oracle PL/SQL code

559 0
Build Rake

Run Rake tasks directly from Atom. (Note: The ‘build’ package needs to be installed!)

557 4
Build Stylus

Atom Build provider for stylus, compiles Stylus

524 0
Build Tsc

Atom Build provider for tsc, compiles TypeScript

521 0
Script Fudan

Run code in Atom without Chinese encoding errors!

515 2

A simple package for Atom, which allows you to run GNU ‘Make’ within the current working directory of the file open in the active Atom pane.

502 1
Build Stack

Build stack packages in Atom with

494 1

Run user defined commands on file changes. This package utilizes the node-watch-changes package and integrates it into the Atom editor.

479 3

Search and play youtube videos inside atom. Follow your favorite tutorials inside the development environment in a floating window

479 2
Build Make File

Runs GNU Make in the folder of the current file

475 0

Safely evaluate JavaScript code.

472 3
Ipython Exec

Send python code to an ipython consoles running in a terminal session

461 1
Speck Runner

Run SpeckJS tests in Atom

446 1

Builds your file or project and displays the output.

439 3
Build Love

Build and run Love projects with atom-build.

433 1
Toolbar Fusion

The ultimate toolbar for software developers.

432 2
Instant Build

Instantly launch builds from Atom

420 2
Bash Snippets

Bash snippets collections

411 1
Build Nsl

Atom Build provider for nsL Assembler, transpiles nsL code into NSIS scripts

392 0
Grunt Snippets

A collection of Grunt snippets for Atom Editor.

377 3
Pb Completions

An atom package for autocompletion in pebble projects.

353 1
Build Makensis Wine

Atom Build provider for makensis on Wine, compiles NSIS

326 1
Build Sassc

Atom Build provider for sassc, compiles Sass

303 2
Build Papyrus

Papyrus build provider for atom-build

294 2
Nsis Ide

Adds IDE-like features for NSIS development in Atom

283 0
Apio Ide

Apio IDE for Atom. Develop hardware for openFPGAs easily

277 0
Cmd Nine

Use the cmd-9 tab-switching shortcut like Chrome does, by switching to the last tab instead of the ninth tab.

277 1
Build Ninja

Build provider for Ninja

255 1
Stata Exec

Send Stata code to various Stata consoles

230 1
Alias Command

Register existing commands with new names

228 2
Build Tclsh

Atom Build provider for tclsh, runs Tcl

226 0
Arango Aql Query

ArangoDB AQL Query Tool for Atom Editor

217 2
Tester Jest

Jest test runner provider for the interactive tester

202 4

GN / Generate Ninja files language support for Atom

194 1

An Atom builder that allows for easy extension

184 1
Pb Build

An atom package to build pebble projects.

180 0
Brunch With Atom

Atom package for Brunch

164 1
Build Innosetup

Atom Build provider for Inno Setup, compiles Inno Setup scripts

164 0
Roku Develop

Roku development utility - zip and deploy a Roku project to multiple devices.

149 0
Make Me Lol

Atom command to display random funny gif

142 3
Build Catkin Tools

Build catkin_tools (ROS) workspace from within Atom.

136 0
Build Rebarthree

Runs Rebar3 targets

124 0
Pb Run

An atom package to run pebble commands.

119 1
Build Sugarss

Atom Build provider for postcss/sugarss, compiles SugarSS

113 0

Run a shell command to filter the text or show the output

104 1
Build Cssnext

Atom Build provider for postcss-cssnext, compiles cssnext

104 2
Ava Standard

atom standard.js snippets for AVA

93 0
Build Bridlensis

Atom Build provider for BridleNSIS, transpiles BridleNSIS into NSIS

89 0

KevScript language support in Atom

87 0
Run Last Terminal Command

Runs the previous command in the foreground windows selected tab

84 2
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