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Autocomplete Python

Python completions for packages, variables, methods, functions, with their arguments. Powered by your choice of Jedi or Kite.

833693 657

JavaScript code intelligence for atom with Tern. Adds support for ES5, ES6 (JavaScript 2015), Node.js, jQuery & Angular. Extendable via plugins. Uses suggestion provider by autocomplete-plus.

336454 696
Go Plus

Makes working with Go in Atom awesome.

336080 433
Autocomplete Php

Atom autocompletion plugin for PHP language

200154 209
Autocomplete Modules

Autocomplete for require/import statements

138278 315

better autocomplete for atom

74910 190
Autocomplete Ruby

Intelligent Ruby code completion

60937 150
Autocomplete Haskell

Autocomplete-plus provider for haskell

58847 64
Autocomplete Java

Autocomplete-plus provider for Java

53826 74
Autocomplete Html Entities

An autocomplete-plus 2.0 provider for HTML entities.

51845 67
Php Integrator Autocomplete Plus

Provides autocompletion for your PHP source code.

48040 57
Autocomplete Json

Atom autocomplete+ plugin for semantic JSON completions

42652 73

Intelligent Rust code completion.

42126 54
React Native Autocomplete

React-Native autocompletion for Atom text editor!

33667 29

Adds LaTex autocompletion for

31619 82
Autocomplete Elixir

Intelligent elixir code completion

28871 52
Autocomplete Xml

Autocomplete+ provider for XML via XSD

25945 43
Autocomplete Ctags

Autocomplete-plus provider for ctags

17851 43
Autocomplete Plus Python Jedi

A python Autocomplete Plus provider based on Jedi

17752 42
Autocomplete Js Import

Autocompletes commonjs and es6 import statements

16872 27
Latex Autocomplete

Autocompletion for LaTeX.

16533 26
Vue Autocomplete

Vue.js 1.0+ autocomplete for Atom

14658 20
Autocomplete Glsl

Adds GLSL autocompletion to autocomplete+

14157 32
Autocomplete Wordpress Hooks

Autocomplete support for WordPress actions and filters.

14079 63
You Complete Me

YouCompleteMe for Atom Editor

9600 34
Php Composer Completion

autocomplete+ provider for php projects based on composer

8995 17
Vuetwo Autocomplete

Vue.js 2.0+ autocomplete for Atom

8148 5
Css Spy

A package to suggest CSS classes in HTML projects

8032 13

Symfony2 tools and completion

7885 18
Autocomplete Erlang

Intelligent erlang code completion

7436 9
Autocomplete Bash Builtins

An autocomplete for common used bash builtin variables and functions

7108 10
Autocomplete Java Minus

Autocomplete suggestions for Java

6970 6
Titanium Alloy

All-in-One package for Titanium Alloy

6117 19
Autocomplete Asciidoc

AsciiDoc language autocompletions

5569 13
Autocomplete Awk

AWK functions and built-in variables autocompletions.

5555 8

Syntax highlighting for the Marko templating language

4955 5
Autocomplete Fortran

autocomplete for FORTRAN

4621 5
Java Plus

Make your Java development experience bareable.

4578 13
Ocaml Merlin

Linting, autocompletion, type checking, refactoring and code navigation for Ocaml/Reason with Merlin.

4556 5
Rails Ioneeightn Autocomplete

Autocomplete provider for rails i18n files

4476 22
Autocomplete Corona

Corona SDK autocomplete package

4330 4
Autocomplete Polymer

Polymer element and attribute autocompletions

3895 13
Linter Autocomplete Jing

Autocomplete and on-the-fly validation of XML documents against RELAX NG (compact, XML), Schematron (1.5, ISO), W3C Schema (XSD 1.0) and DTD

3399 1
Autocomplete R

autocomplete+ provider for R

3020 7
Autocomplete Oracle

Code completions for Oracle PL/SQL

2735 4
Autocomplete Robot Framework

Robot Framework autocomplete for Atom

2674 1
Autocomplete Jsp

Atom autocomplete+ provider for JSP / JSPX

1980 4
Autocomplete Erlang

Erlang code autocompletions

1773 4
Autocomplete Nunjucks

autocomplete+ provider for nunjucks

1527 3

Pig support : syntax highlighting and autocompletion for most Pig functions and keywords

1472 2
Autocomplete Solidity

Autocomplete+ provider for Solidity

1442 0
Python Mrigor

this package integrates mr.igor a handy tool that remembers your python import sentences so you don’t have to

1149 3
Swift Autocomplete Snippets

A collection of swift code snippets for autocompletion. Linux and OS X compatible

1087 3
Autocomplete Dcd

Autocomplete for the D language using DCD

1084 0
Pfivejs Snippets
p5.js snippets
1000 2
Autocomplete En En

English word autocompetion with the hint of explanation.

895 8
Autocomplete Kdb Q

Autocomplete provider for KDB+ Q

875 1
Css Color Name

Autocomplete of css predefined color names

816 3
Uikit Atom

Official autocomplete package for the UIkit frontend framework

792 0
Autocomplete Gml

GML autocompletions in atom. Uses autocomplete-plus.

719 3
Gherkin Autocomplete

Autocompletes steps from feature files in your product.

706 1
Autocomplete En Cn

English word autocompetion with the hint of Chinese explanation.

638 9
Apicloud Autocomplete

APICloud 语法提示与自动补全

604 1
B Bootstrap Autocomplete

Customized Angular bootstrap autocomplete

591 1
Emberjs Atom

Atom autocompletions, snippets for emberjs

589 1

Paradise for Vala developers.

519 3

Lua syntax highlighting and autocompletion with LuaJIT support

464 1
Autocomplete Date

autocomplete date

431 5
Pb Completions

An atom package for autocompletion in pebble projects.

353 1
Autocomplete Primer

Autocomplete package for primer css

336 1
Bibtex Helper

Autocompletes BibTeX citation formats

332 0
Pluggy Mcpluginface

Python completions for packages, variables, methods, functions, with their arguments. Powered by your choice of Jedi or Kite.

328 0
Wordpress Autocomplete

This is a collection of WordPress autocompletions for

292 5

A collection of Symfony2 snippets

249 0
Autocomplete Lodash

Lodash methods autocompletions

221 4

Robe ruby completion for atom.

213 3

SA MoonLoader extension for Atom

197 0
Npm Outdated

Everything you need to keep your package.json up-to-date

184 1
Treedbox Atom Javascript

javaScript Snippets for fast development in

103 1
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