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Editor Background

Background image / animation changer. Change your mood by changing what you looking at most of the time. Background changer with some additional readability improvement and a lot of features…

11148 44
Idiomatic Dark Syntax

A minimal dark syntax theme

8233 20
Wp Dev

Snippets for WordPress development.

1318 11
Theme Reel

Quickly switch between syntax themes without configuration. Inspired by the excellent Themr.

1124 5

A light UI-Theme for Atom with fancy tabs and costumizable colors

946 2
Dev Tools Themes

Make Developer Tools Beautiful Again

917 10

Change your UI and Syntax themes based on the time of day!

608 6
Dark Blackboard Syntax

Atom syntax theme with a dark UI based on the blackboard theme.

384 0
Japanese Contract Md

A short description of your syntax theme

336 0
Dark Mode

Automatically switch between dark mode and light mode thanks to your light sensor or just change your mood switching between your favorites themes.

311 3
Theme Roulette

Randomly selects one of your themes for you!

264 2
Theme Manager

Save UI and Syntax theme combos along with their individual configuration settings

198 1
Tyrann Alex

A soft and clear syntax theme.

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