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Nord Atom

An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant minimal Atom UI.

68367 96
Indent Guide Improved

This draws indent guide more correctly and understandably.

59126 176

A light UI theme for Atom that is inspired by Slack’s aubergine sidebar theme

23237 60
Autohide Tree View

Hides the tree view, reveal it on hover, click or swipe.

17093 78
Block Cursor

Fancy cursor custimization

8294 37
Visual Studio Code

The experience of Visual Studio Code, now in Atom.

7514 17
Chary Tree View

Tree-view responds to only double-click to avoid opening a large file accidentally

5242 32

A modified blue and grey dark-ui theme

5204 1
Nova Atom

Nova color scheme UI plugin for Atom

4186 4
Neon Cursor

Glowing cursor style, inspired by Enligntenment’s Terminology

3629 24

A Numix-inspired UI theme for Atom

3304 3
Double Click Tree View

Tree-view responds only to double clicks for all operations

2095 14
Nebula Syntax

A beautifully minimal, subtly animated, and carefully designed Atom syntax theme that lets you focus on what matters: your code. For best results, use with the nebula-ui theme.

2072 6

A beautifully minimal, subtly animated, and carefully designed Atom UI theme that lets you focus on what matters: your code. For best results, use with the nebula-syntax theme.

2043 10
Tabs Closer

Adds more context menus for closing tabs

1727 12

Kobalt theme for interface components

1575 6
The Bespoke Pixel

A soothing and less monochromatic dark Atom UI Theme

1544 2

Native desktop notifications for Atom

1531 8

Apex monochrome theme UI inspired by iA Writer

1455 3
Code Dark

A dark UI theme mixing Atom Dark and Visual Studio Code elements.

1417 2

A colorful, adaptive user interface for rivetted developers

1403 9
Codecademy Atom

A dark, flat-ish UI theme, based on color scheme.

1391 1
Tron Green

A ui theme based on the TRON Legacy green color scheme.

1132 3
Spring Green

A spring green UI theme for Atom

1071 2

An adaptable, minimalist UI theme for Atom, based on Arc GTK theme

1071 0
Ease Blink

Ease cursor blinking

1044 10
Suranyami Light

Light UI theme with tighter sidebar

974 1
Angular Snippets

A collection of snippets for AngularJS to use with Atom

857 2
Fuzzy Theme Switcher

Quickly switch color and UI themes

594 1
Breeze Dark Ui Edge

A dark UI theme for Atom.

564 3
Numix Dark

A Numix-inspired UI theme for Atom with dark tones

460 0

A theme for purists.

387 0
Zebra Stripes

A plugin for the atom editor which adds zebra striping

383 0
Custom App Icon

Replace the Atom app icon with any custom .icns file.

362 0

An Atom UI theme to focus

307 0

A vaporwave-inspired UI theme…

282 0

A theme for all Spotify fans

250 1

A minimalist dark UI theme for Atom.

233 0
Flickr Background

Change your Atom background by awesome photos comes from Flickr

226 0
Slack Ui Alter

An altered slack-ui theme (original by tony-jones found here:

181 0
Mermaid Dark

A mermaid-hair inspired, pink-heavy, soft and muted ui theme for Atom

176 0

Ultra-minimalist theme.

175 1

An Atom UI theme for cybernetic organisms based on jxnblk’s Hyperterminator Hyperterm theme.

161 0

A theme inspired by Apple’s green default Terminal profile with contrasting colors to highlight important components of the UI

161 3
Numix Archblue

A Numix-ArchBlue inspired UI theme for Atom

158 1
All Green

Atom UI theme developed with a lovely green heart.

154 0
Sagan Dark

A UI theme subtly inspired by the colors of the cosmos

152 0

Making Atom as close to the metal as your terminal

151 0
Lame Sauce

A very minimal UI theme for atom

150 1
Kde Breeze Dark

A theme to match KDE Breeze Dark

134 0
Dbclick Tree View

Tree-view responds only to double clicks for all operations. On directories, the arrow next to the directory responds to single clicks.

133 0
Joehannes Steampunk

a geekish steampunk influenced ui theme with darkish styles

116 0

A clean and elegant Atom UI.

113 0
Breezy Dark

Breeze Dark UI Theme for KDE Plasma 5

101 0
Espresso Theme

Espresso inspired theme, because coffee is good

99 0

(Experimental) Leap Motion support for Atom.

98 1

My nickname is bread and this is my ui-theme for atom. Nothing about the way it looks makes me think about bread.

90 0

An elegant not so bright snazzy-ui-theme for Atom, as counterpart to atom-snazzy-syntax

89 0
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