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Material Syntax

A dark syntax theme for Atom that uses Google’s Material Design color palette

537869 827
Material Syntax Light

A light syntax theme for Atom that uses Google’s Material Design color palette

112128 162

Rust language support in Atom

101931 131
Material Syntax Dark

A darker syntax theme for Atom that uses Google’s Material Design color palette

95448 140
Set Syntax

Creates easy Command Palette commands for setting the syntax of the current file

61689 226
Nord Atom Syntax

An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Atom syntax theme.

61163 87
An Old Hope Syntax

Atom theme inspired by a galaxy far far away…

45213 129

Pug (was Jade) syntax highlighting

42423 76

Syntax highlighter for cutting edge Python.

40058 54

A dark and gloomy pastel color syntax theme for Atom.

32530 48
Cake Syntax

Yummy syntax theme

24758 38
Batman Syntax

A color scheme inspired by the World’s Greatest Detective

24707 44
Octocat Syntax

Octocat syntax theme for Atom with GitHub flavoured highlighting

24176 44
Material Syntax

Bringing Material Design to Atom

22802 18

Colorful without being insane

20777 43

Atom language support for GLSL

18521 39
Genesis Syntax

A visual hierarchy that even designers can agree with.

15503 23
Tomorrow Night Eighties Syntax

Tomorrow Night Eighties syntax theme for Atom

15127 31

C++14 language support including new keywords, raw strings, digit separators, and binary literals

14834 19
Hydra Syntax Theme

Hail Hydra!

14061 21
Gooey Syntax

A lovely, gooey, theme for Atom

13039 23

Log syntax highlighting and filtering

12826 47
Cobalttwo Syntax

An Atom theme based on our old blue friend cobalt.

12318 22
Language Rust

Rust language grammar with custom enhancements

10615 5
Dark Bint Syntax

A dark and colourful syntax theme.

9529 6
Json Colorer

Color your JSON files

8411 8
Material Numix Syntax

A dark syntax theme for Atom. Uses Google’s Material Design colors. Works well with Numix themes.

7943 5
Generic Config

Provides basic syntax highlighting for configuration files that are just composed of comments or non-comments

7752 42
Pumpkin Syntax

An autumn-flavored syntax theme for Atom

7603 17
Colorblind Syntax

An attempt to easily distinguish atom’s syntax colors

7378 18
Visual Studio Twoonefive Dark Theme

This is as close as I can get to a replica of the Visual Studio 2015’s Dark theme in Atom.

6372 6
Ruby Syntax Replacer

Will replace all old Ruby hash syntax with new

6365 10
Tango Syntax

A syntax theme created using the Tango Project Colour Palette

6175 14
Redui Jm Syntax

Can you smell that?

6049 12
Editor Settings

Editor settings per-language, extension and directory.

5712 38
Sublime Monokai Syntax

A monokai theme, made with ❤ and Vodka (kidding, was ☕ again) for Sublime Text Monokai Syntax and ⚛ lovers. 💚

5310 4
Ax Monokai Syntax

A Monokai theme for the Atom editor (SETI UI)

4838 6
Afterglow Monokai Syntax

Afterglow Monokai syntax style for Atom

4372 5
New Era Syntax

Free candy inside :)

3988 4
Earthsung By Jackson Syntax

A port of Dayle Rees’ Earthsong theme.

3794 15
Visual Studio Dark Syntax

Mimics the dark theme of Visual Studio 2015

3732 8
Nova Atom Syntax

Nova color scheme syntax plugin for Atom

3655 5

An Atom syntax theme based on the Railscast theme.

3617 4
Bleen Syntax

A deep but soft green & blue syntax theme

3614 4
Monokai Soda

Converted from the original buymesoda theme using the TextMate Bundle Converter.

3491 1

Like Zenburn, but with less Zen

3372 9
Monokai Php

My own personal monokai theme enhanced for php for the Atom editor.

3250 1
Flat Ui Syntax

A flat ui inspired on the sublime text Flat UI syntax, based on one dark syntax

3134 3
Redmond Syntax

An Atom syntax theme for fans of the Visual Studio Blue theme.

2997 4

Want ShellScript (Bash) syntax highlighting for your dotfiles? You’re damn right you do!

2993 13
Material Contrast Syntax

A darker syntax theme for Atom that uses Google’s Material Design color palette

2717 4

Atom language support for OpenCL

2711 10
Define Jump

Atom plugin to jump to the local declaration of a variable. Similar to Atom’s built in Symbols view, but local to the current file and without the need for any configuration.

2702 12
Syntax Settings

Syntax-specific editor settings

2662 11

Atom language support for dot files like .gitignore, .npmignore, .env and etc

2592 30
Babel React Syntax

A simple colorful for Babel ES6 Javascript

2567 2
Darkpython Syntax

Python-friendly Syntax for use with a dark theme

2533 1

Based on the Cobalt TextMate theme by Jacob Rus

2501 7
Linter Perl Check Syntax

Linter plugin for perl, using perl -c

2422 4
Monokai Complete Syntax

A monokai syntax theme that works for all languages

2409 1
Creative Dark Syntax

A CREATIVE syntax theme. best use for UI development

2254 3

SAS support in Atom

2200 3
Slontech Syntax

Dark theme for web developers ( HTML, CSS/LESS, PHP, MYSQL, javascript, AJAX, coffee, JSON )

2181 3
Rad Syntax

A light and radically colourful syntax theme, inspired by Google Material Design’s colour palette.

2130 0
Neon Color Scheme

A colorful bright-on-black syntax color theme for Atom. Its aim is to make as many languages as possible look as good as possible.

2113 2
Darkular Syntax

Atom syntax theme similar to Intellij IDEA’s Darkula.

2050 2
Essence Dark Syntax

A dark syntax theme that is easy on the eyes

1972 0
Theme Alien Syntax

syntax theme for hyper alien theme

1877 1
Emoji Syntax

Adds customisable emoji to your syntax keywords

1827 16
New Era Light Syntax

Light theme syntax for coding on bright/shiny days

1816 2
Brfourckets Dark

A Atom Dark Theme inspired by the Brackets Editor Default Color Scheme

1705 4
Code Dark Syntax

A dark syntax theme based on Visual Studio Code, with some tweaks

1691 4
Zonokai Theme

A short description of your syntax theme

1635 0
Katana Syntax

A minimal and elegant syntax theme

1608 0
Brfourckets Light

A Atom Light Theme inspired by the Brackets Editor Default Color Scheme

1495 5

Pig support : syntax highlighting and autocompletion for most Pig functions and keywords

1472 2
Mac Github Syntax

A nicer Light theme: quick MIX between atom-github-2014 & mac-classic themes.

1469 1
Copy With Syntax

Copy buffer content with syntax highlighting

1433 2
Zooce Syntax

A simple, dark syntax theme with nice contrast for easy viewing!

1423 1
Badethree Notepad Syntax

A clean light syntax theme for the atom text editor, inspired by the notepad++ text theme.

1391 0
Darcula Syntax

An Atom syntax highlighting scheme based on IntelliJ Darcula

1388 3
Ayozint Seti Syntax

A syntax theme for the SETI UI theme

1380 3
Monday Syntax

A fresh and dark syntax theme.

1377 4
Vector Syntax

A radical syntax theme inspired by the outrageous style of the eighties. Based on Simurai’s Duotone Syntax.

1356 9
Monokai One Dark Vivid Syntax

Monokai mixed with one dark with some vivid tweaks

1317 2

Atom language support for HomeMatic Script

1300 0
Baseonesix Papercolor Light Syntax

A Base16 light color scheme based on PaperColor

1296 2

A brogrammer / monokai theme

1280 3
Leet Syntax

A syntax theme that brings you back to the good ol’ days

1264 2
Hyrule Atom

Hyrule from SublimeText ported to Atom. A pair dynamic greens along with a soothing orange, and an addictive yellow make up the main palette of Hyrule. Well-chosen background and primary text colors leave a developer’s eyes fit for another day of study. Works very well in Java, Go, JavaScript, and HTML.

1248 2
Improved Asp Html

Improved ASP Classic Grammar and Snippets

1209 3
Ir Black K Syntax

A light-on-dark color syntax theme for Atom

1198 2
Sombre Theme

A beautiful, sombre theme.

1176 0

a syntax of Atom look like Coda.

1148 2
Idle Theme

IDLE syntax theme converted with TextMate bundle

1125 0
Material Palenight Syntax

An elegant and minimal material syntax theme for Atom

1122 5
D Struct

A package providing syntax and dub integration for the D programming language (Dlang)

1083 1

Atom language support for HLSL

1076 1
Prism Syntax

Inspired by default PrismJS syntax coloring

1072 2
Plain Simple

Simple text highlighting for text/plain files.

1059 6
Baseonesix Papercolor Dark Syntax

A Base16 dark color scheme based on PaperColor

1032 5
Oceanic Next Italic

Customized Oceanic Next theme with italic flavours

1006 1
Pfivejs Snippets
p5.js snippets
1000 2
Yoceanic Next Syntax

A short description of your syntax theme

983 3
Webstorm Ui Theme

JetBrains WebStorm default light UI theme

976 0
Neka Syntax

Neka Syntax

960 0
An Old Hope One Syntax

Atom theme inspired by a galaxy far far away…

943 2
Cmyk Syntax

Syntax theme that doesn’t highlight everything.

933 0
Edm Light Syntax

A light syntax theme inspired by Visual Studio

933 1

Converted version of the Ayu syntax theme for Sublime text

926 2
Monokai Soft

No description

923 0
Lux Syntax

Lux Syntax

908 1
Warm Syntax

A warm syntax with lots of reds.

903 1
Awesome Material Syntax

A dark theme with material colors based on the Idea Material Theme

886 2
Firefox Dev Syntax

A atom theme Syntax based on firefox developper syntax

866 4
Essence Syntax

A light syntax theme that is easy on the eyes

852 1
Webstorm Syntax Theme

JetBrains WebStorm Default Light Syntax Theme for Atom

832 0
Liquid Syntax

A bright Atom syntax theme for a modern experience.

831 1
Monokai Php Css Syntax

Atom Monokai theme modified for php and css

826 0
Lxso Theme

Atom syntax theme by JV

823 0
Climate Syntax

A colorful syntax theme for design-finicky developers

816 4
Confluence Wiki

Confluence Wiki language support for Atom

807 1
Civic Syntax

Dark syntax theme inspired by Xcode 8’s Civic theme

792 3
Duotone Swordart Syntax

Double-hued syntax theme inspired by Sword Art Online

792 4
Emerald Dream Syntax

Emerald dream syntax dark theme. Works best with Atom Material UI.

789 2
Html Angular

HTML language support for Angular 2 in Atom

786 2

Provides basic syntax highlighting for TeX/LaTeX and BibTeX files.

784 1
Emacs Syntax

Emacs syntax theme for Atom

783 0
Acid Syntax

Acid syntax

758 3
Kerx Syntax

Custom syntax based on Base16 Tomorrow Dark

749 0
Ubik Neon Syntax

80’s Retrofuturism, cyberpunky, neon lights, bright colors and great code readability all in one syntax featuring also language-specific higlighting!

748 3

Cute pastel theme created with ♥

739 7
Tomorrow Evening Syntax

Tomorrow Night syntax theme for Atom

730 3
Skriptdark Syntax

Default Dark Theme for Skript

728 4
Candy Light Syntax

A bright and colorful light syntax theme.

720 4
Blueforest Syntax

A contrasty dark blue syntax theme

714 0
Ubik Gotham Syntax

Dark syntax theme inspired by vim’s gotham colorscheme, extended to better highlight code, with a focus on Python and Jinja2.

712 2
Plain Syntax

A short description of your syntax theme

709 0
Baseonesix Tomorrow Night Eighties Syntax

Tomorrow Night Eighties syntax theme for Atom.

706 0
Bensk Syntax

Like Chester, but with bright sans-serif comments. Because comments are important.

700 2
Hipster Syntax

Syntax perfectly paired with the Hipster UI

691 3
Acute Syntax

A 2 hue + trim syntax theme.

682 1
Skriptdark Neon Syntax

Dark Neon Theme for Skript

663 2
Doc Green Syntax

Companion syntax theme for the Doc Green UI.

661 0
Codecademy Atom Syntax

Syntax highlighting for Atom based on

658 0
Supine Syntax

A vividly flat theme.

657 1
Glass Syntax

A transparent theme for use with a background image.

648 3
Qumu Syntax Theme

A theme based on the Morrowind theme

645 1
Anmol Syntax

A dark syntax theme for Atom that uses Google’s Material Design color palette

635 0

Polymer syntax highlighting for Atom and VS Code

630 1
Predawn Twilight

An adaptation of Twilight for Predawn.

627 1
Syntax Theme Auto Changer

Syntax theme auto change by buffer grammar.

624 1
Onec Bsl

Provides syntax highlighting for 1C:Enterprise 8 (1S:Enterprise 8)

621 4

An Atom color scheme that is bright and dark - port of BlackRain for Sublime Text

619 2
Ample Syntax

Ample Syntax based on emacs ample flat theme

615 2

Syntax and snippets for CLIPS, a tool for building Expert Systems

589 1
Stars And Stripes Theme Syntax

Stars and Stripes Theme Syntax for Atom

588 0
Colorful Dark Syntax

A dark syntax theme - css, less, js, jsx, json

584 0
Distinguished Syntax

A dark color scheme (ported from vim)

581 2
Prisma Syntax

A beautiful and minimal dark syntax theme for Atom

568 2
Web Syntax

This is a minimalistic syntax for web development which focus heavily on javascript

565 1
The Bespoke Pixel Syntax

Companion syntax theme for the-bespoke-pixel-ui.

565 1
Slush Poppies

A port of the Slush & Poppies Textmate / Sublime Theme

563 1
Chocula Syntax

A Darkula / One Dark inspired theme on a brown background.

547 4
Galaxy Syntax

A theme made of intergalactic colors and spacedust. For the code voyagers.

543 4
Dawn Syntax

Dawn syntax theme for Atom

542 1
Aurora Atom Syntax

A syntax theme for Atom based on Aurora colors

540 1
Editplus Syntax

A basic copy of the default Editplus color scheme.

530 0
Monokai Syntax

Monokai syntax theme for Atom

518 1
Gradethree Syntax

Grade3 Syntax Theme for Atom

507 2
Spring Green Syntax

A spring green syntax theme for Atom

506 1
Famous Atom

Make easy and fast to use

500 6
Web Developer Light Syntax

Low-contrast theme geared for web development.

497 0
Falloutfour Syntax

A syntax theme based on the Pip-Boy UI

497 3
Jekyll Syntax Highlighting

Adds syntax highlighting for Jekyll code blocks.

495 3
Duotone Berries Syntax

Dark theme with red and blue hues. Adapted from Simurai’s excellent DuoTone theme

487 3
Yolo Wallhack Syntax

a dark colourful syntax theme

483 0
Classy Syntax

A syntax theme with minimal coloring.

483 0
Chester Atom Two Syntax

A pretty Atom theme

481 1
Monokai Light

A few changes to kevinsawicki’s monokai theme for Atom

480 3
Cupcake Syntax

Cupcake syntax for Atom based on Tomorrow theme

480 1
Intergalactic Syntax

A simple, dual-hue theme.

476 1
Twilight Syntax Theme

A great vim theme that I thought was ready to be brought to the world of atom. Twilight features a great mellow enviroment that is easy on the eyes for hours.

473 2

Atom language support for VEX

464 2

Lua syntax highlighting and autocompletion with LuaJIT support

464 1
Flashy Syntax

A flashy syntax, mainly focused on golang for the moment

460 1
Mahou Shoujo Syntax

Magical Girl Syntax

450 3
Chrome Syntax

Syntax theme mimicking Chrome Developer Tools

449 0
All Hallows Eve Syntax

A spooky syntax theme perfect for the Halloween season.

449 1
Chester Syntax

Continued version of chester-atom-syntax, without deprecasion errors

440 5
Earl Grey

Earl Grey language support in Atom

438 2
Vividix Red Syntax

Dark syntax theme, vivid colors, optometric sensibilitiese

426 2
Hugs Syntax

A short description of your syntax theme

425 0
Nerv Ous Syntax

An ‘evangelion’ based syntax theme

425 1
Synthcity Atom Syntax

A syntax highlighting palette for happiness

419 2
Tron Green Syntax

A syntax theme based on the TRON Legacy green color scheme.

418 2
Monocolor Light Blue Syntax

light blue single color syntax highlight theme

413 1
Snazzy Clear Syntax

Simple, distraction-free atom syntax based on awesome hyper-snazzy

410 3
Orbit Syntax

A dark Atom syntax theme inspired by the depths of space.

407 3
Google Dark Syntax

Syntax theme for Atom Editor based on Google Dark syntax from website

404 1
Rbe Matrix Syntax

Matrix-style theme with some hard reds & blues

401 2
Monocolor Red Syntax

red single color syntax highlight theme

397 0
Artillery Syntax

Artillery Syntax - A dark syntax theme for Atom.

394 1
Actual Solarized Syntax

everyone else is wrong

393 1
Theme Realgithub

The One And Only 100% Alike Github theme

390 0
Monocolor Blue Syntax

blue single color syntax highlight theme

389 0
Syntec Syntax

Based on Spacegray for phpStorm & Sublime Text

388 1
Classic Bright Syntax

Classic color syntax: Bright

384 2
Robin Atom Syntax

A simple, light, in progress Atom theme with contrasted colours.

381 1
Programmer Syntax

A syntax meant for programmers, by programmers.

376 1
Hexeight Asm

Basic syntax highlighting for the hex8 ASM language used on the University of Bristol Computer Architecture courses

373 1

JSON-T/Squarespace template language support in Atom.

369 3
Baseonesix Melon Theme

A short description of your syntax theme

367 1
Mixup Dark Syntax

Monokai based, mix up some more color.

364 2
Monocolor Green Syntax

green single color syntax highlight theme

361 0
Termal Syntax

A theme for purists.

361 1
Skthreeltn Syntax

Use this colorful syntax theme with your eyes closed.

357 0
No Syntax Highlighting Syntax

Disable syntax highlighting. Will still highlight comments in a different color - clean blue - without making them less noticeable.

349 6

Monokai based theme that integrates perfectly with the Seti UI

346 1
Pop Rocks Syntax

Dark, medium contrast theme inspired by Pop Rocks, the candy

346 3
Duotone Darkpool Syntax

Duotone darkpool

345 0
Epick Syntax

A simple theme with vibrant colors for spacegray-ui

344 2
Monocolor Orange Syntax

orange single color syntax highlight theme

344 0
Whimsy Syntax

Atom theme inspired by Carbonmade

341 1
Monocolor Pink Syntax

pink single color syntax highlight theme

341 0
Wwdc Light Syntax

A light syntax theme for Atom that revolves around Apple’s WWDC 2016 color scheme.

340 1
Dudeness Syntax

dudeness wave in your code

337 2
Louis Material Syntax

A dark syntax theme for Atom that uses Google’s Material Design color palette

336 0
Picoeight Syntax

A simple syntax theme based on pico-8 by lexaloffle (

333 4
Rust Redux

Rust language support for Atom (maintained)

328 0

Syntax highlighting, auto-complete, query execution and profiling for GraphQL.

327 0
Galaxy Light Syntax

A theme made of intergalactic colors and spacedust. For the code voyagers.

325 4
Lunar Syntax

A light Atom syntax theme inspired by the lunar surface.

325 4
Sids Syntax Theme

A very colorful syntax theme!

324 0
Qtdark Syntax

theme inspired form Qt Creator dark theme

323 1
Sundried Syntax

A friend of your eyes

320 2
Saturated Dark

Very saturated dark syntax theme

316 1
Chatty Theme

A syntax theme for Atom..

316 1
Flow Syntax

A syntax theme for Atom, inspired by Airbnb, Facebook and Twitter.

315 2
Ink Syntax

Syntax theme for the ink scripting language. Please use with language-ink syntax package!

315 0
Monocolor Purple Syntax

purple single color syntax highlight theme

314 0
Zen Chipmunk Syntax

A calming zen syntax theme. Based on Rain syntax. Matches Rain UI and Atom Material

313 0
Jovian Night Syntax

Based on my old Sublime text theme

309 0
Borealis Syntax

A dark theme with pastel colours

307 2
Idle Syntax

IDLE syntax theme for Atom

306 0
Night Citrus

Contrasted and eye-friendly colorscheme, derived from Blackboard. Particularly adapted for python developers.

293 1
Breeze Dark Syntax

Breeze-dark-syntax for your breeze-dark-ui

293 3
Batman Light

Atom syntax theme port of Ethan Welborn’s (@welbornio) BatmanLight Sublime theme

293 0
Dark Candy


291 2
Eos Syntax

Syntax theme based on elementary OS terminal colours

288 0
Chocolate Syntax

A brown syntax theme for Atom.

287 0
Seafoam Pastel Dark

Port of the Seafoam Pastel iTerm2 theme

287 3
Kary Foundation Light

Kary Foundation’s Light Theme

286 2

A dark theme with light colors

286 2
Pastel Jelly Syntax

Syntax theme for Atom with pastel colors and dark background.

285 0
Eighty Shades Syntax

A cool 80’s syntax theme. Blast the chiptune music and let’s code!

285 3
State Of Nature Syntax

A simple and subtle syntax theme inspired by the beauty of nature.

282 0
Panic Palette Syntax

Atom syntax theme based on Coda 2.5 Panic Palette theme.

279 0
Monokai Ex Dark Syntax

Monokai Extended dark syntax theme

277 3
Duotone Dank Green Syntax

A dank DuoTone syntax theme

275 3
Facebook Syntax Theme

An atom theme based on Facebook’s typical washed up blues and pastels

275 0
Context Free

Atom language support for Context Free

274 0

Alda language support in Atom

273 3
Lucid Syntax

An Atom syntax theme emphasising semantic clarity.

272 2
Skriptlight Neon Syntax

Light Neon Theme for Skript

271 2
Zenburn Prime Syntax

Another low contrast theme for long coding sessions, e.g. work

268 0
Dash Syntax

Vibrant dark syntax theme

266 0
Desert Syntax

Syntax colors converted from Desert vim theme

266 1
Halflife Syntax

Halflife syntax theme

263 3
Twinlight Syntax

Dark theme based on Twilight, Monokai and IDLE

261 0
Vital Dark Syntax

A minimal theme that highlights the import elements of your code and is intended to be easy on the eyes.

260 3
Pastel Jelly

Dark gray UI theme with pastel colors.

259 0
Autumn Syntax

Autumnal browns and oranges. Based on the Textmate theme by Minimal Design LLC.

256 0

Syntax highlighting and snippets for TWiki files in Atom.

254 2
Nightwing Syntax

A syntax theme inspired by the DC Comics character Nightwing

253 1
All Shades Of Blue Syntax

A syntax for writing in Markdown-based prose.

249 1
Crayon Atom

Port of the crayon color scheme by dylanaraps to Atom made for your pleasure

248 2
Phalcon Syntax

A syntax theme based on the Phalcon docs

246 2
Oceansonesix Bright Syntax

A short description of your syntax theme

246 1
Anderson Dark Syntax

Wes Anderson Dark UI Theme Syntax for Atom

245 1
Monocolor Teal Syntax

teal single color syntax highlight theme

241 1
Alpenglow Monokai Atom Syntax

Spiritual successor to @yabatadesign’s Afterglow Monokai theme for Atom

239 2
Skriptlight Syntax

Default Light Theme for Skript

236 1
Twilight Seriously

Twilight for Atom. Seriously.

235 1
Dark Devtools Syntax

A syntax theme for Atom resembling Google Chrome’s dark Devtools theme.

234 1
Flat Light Syntax

A syntax theme based on the Flat UI colors

233 1

Provides syntax highlighting LiquidHaskell annotations

233 1

A modified Sunburst theme, with better support for ES6.

232 0
Idletwo Syntax Theme

slightly modified version of the well known IDLE theme

230 0
Comfy Grey Syntax

a low contrast syntax theme for atom

229 2
Oceanic Next Italic White

Customized Oceanic Next theme with italic and white flavours

225 1
Oaxaca Syntax

A minimal syntax theme for Atom

224 0
Union Syntax

An Atom syntax theme to replicate the feel of an old Compaq Portable III orange CRT computer.

224 1
Guardian Syntax

A rad syntax theme inspired by Guardian for VIM.

222 1
Vividix Syntax

Dark syntax theme, vivid funky colors, optometric sensibilitiese

218 0

DTD language support in Atom

218 0
Monokai Syntax

An enhanced version of Kevinsawicki’s Monokai syntax theme for Atom.

217 0

Atom support for ILAsm

217 0

A theme derived from soothing colors of a chalkboard.

216 2
Smooth Operator Dark Syntax

Atom Smooth Operator Dark Syntax Theme

216 1
Kary Foundation Dark

Kary Foundation’s Dark Theme

213 2
Iam Syntax

Syntax Highlighting for IAM Policies

212 3
Vue Syntax

Syntax theme for vue projects

212 1
Skullomania Syntax

Based on the Brackets theme Skullomania

211 0
Monokai Verbose Syntax

A Monokai-based Atom theme with additional colors for punctuation.

206 0
Firefox Developer Edition Syntax

The start of a theme made to look like the new (e.g. Firefox 49+) developer tools theme

203 2
Monocolor Amber Syntax

amber single color syntax highlight theme

203 0
Api Notation

Syntax for API Notation, a simple shorthand to write library APIs

201 0
Gloom For Nord

A dark and gloomy pastel color syntax theme for Gloom Dark UI.

200 3

Fruit Colors.

197 1
Skeuomorphic Notepad Theme

An atom theme that lets you write code on a notepad

196 3
Laravel Syntax

A nice Atom syntax based on Chexter and Laravel 5

196 1
Yjy Syntax

A short description of your syntax theme

195 0
Warm Night Syntax

Atom dark syntax theme with warm colors.

194 1
Humane Syntax

A port of my Humane theme for Visual Studio to Atom.

193 2
One Dark Nova Syntax

One Dark + Nova syntax theme for Atom.

193 0
Hydrangea Syntax

dark-purple theme

192 4
Vital Light Syntax

A minimal theme that highlights the import elements of your code.

191 0
Minotaur Syntax

Minotaur is a monokai based syntax theme for One Dark UI.

190 0
Licorice Syntax

a dark theme for html/js/css/php.

190 0
Sierra Syntax

A syntax theme inspired by the Sierra Nevada

187 2
Pizza Syntax

Dark gray + orange theme w/ colors

184 0
Premium Syntax

Syntax theme for Atom based on Orman Clark’s Premium theme for Coda 2.

183 0
Monocolor Lime Syntax

lime single color syntax highlight theme

183 0
Chrome Devtools Syntax

A light syntax theme for Atom reproducing the chrome devtools colors.

183 1
Dun Syntax

A greyscale syntax theme.

179 1
Bzzz Black

A delicious candy coated theme

178 0
Revigniter Syntax

An Atom theme for proper syntax highlighting of LiveCode server and revIgniter source code.

177 0
Vaporwave Syntax

A vaporwave-inspired syntax theme…

177 3
Darya Syntax

Darya’s syntax theme for Atom.

177 1
Blue Sea Syntax

A blue syntax theme to feel like you are on a beach.

176 1
Plastic Code Wrap Syntax

PlasticCodeWrap Atom Syntax

176 0
Supersat Syntax

A dark theme with very saturated colors

174 4
Higgs Boson Syntax

a light colourful syntax theme

174 0
Icehunter Syntax

My own syntax highlighting :)

174 0
Soft Charcoal Syntax

A dark theme with soft, pleasant colors.

174 0
Green Re Syntax

A lo Matrix!

173 0
Smooth Operator Navy Gray Syntax

Atom Smooth Operator Navy Gray Syntax Theme

172 1

A chocolate color theme for Atomm

172 0
Rtwodtwo Syntax

R2D2 star wars syntax theme for

170 1
One Monokai

Atom One monokai theme

169 2
Dark Code Syntax

A dark syntax theme for Atom, inspired by Monokai

168 0
Paradise City Syntax

One Dark friendly Atom syntax theme with Material palette colors

168 0
Light Greeny Syntax

A light greeny theme.

163 0
Chipmunk Syntax

A calming syntax theme.

163 1
Ergonomicon Syntax

A dark theme optimized to be readable by color perception.

161 2
Darkula Web Syntax

Darkula syntax for web devs

158 0
Ample Light Syntax

Ample Syntax based on emacs ample light theme

156 0
Msmeeves Pastels Syntax

I really just needed a theme that made my eyes feel like they’re cumming, you know?

156 0
Singing Stars

A dark blue contrast color scheme for Atom

155 0
Clutterskull Syntax

A dark syntax theme loosely based on Twilight with higher contrast and brighter colors.

154 0
Vs One Syntax

simple theme with base colors red,blue, green

154 1
Natural Syntax

This theme was made with warm natural colors in mind its easy on the eyes. The Color’s are heavily inspired by Spring and Summer.

154 0
New Media Syntax

An Atom syntax theme for the New Media team at Medialaan.

152 0
Bliss Syntax

An optimized version of base16-ocean

150 1
Lighttable Syntax

A Light Table like syntax theme

149 1
Autumn Breeze Syntax

A darker autumn-colored theme for Atom.

149 0
Coldfusion Light Syntax

Clean day theme inspired by Eclipse + CFeclipse

148 0
Arango Aql Language

ArangoDB AQL Language Support in Atom

146 2
Gradient Syntax Theme

Animated gradient syntax highlighting

145 3
Sundown Syntax

A slightly different take on the Twilight theme.

144 2
Silkworm Syntax

Light Atom Syntax Theme with beautiful low contrast colors.

142 1
Custom Atom Syntax Theme

A short description of your syntax theme

142 0
Terminate Syntax

An syntax theme inspired by Apple’s green default Terminal profile with contrasting colors to highlight important parts of interpreted code

140 2
Dark Space Syntax

Atom syntax theme inspired by deep space exploration.

140 2
Monokai Clean Syntax

A cleaner, minimal version of Monokai

139 0
Nifty Syntax

A bright syntax theme for Atom.

138 2
Desatur Syntax

Quite desaturated dark-gray theme

137 1
Mermaid Dark Syntax

A mermaid inspired, pink-heavy, soft and muted syntax theme for Atom

137 2
Am Pretty Syntax

A colorful syntax. Looks best in JavaScript.

136 0
Schelp Syntax

Atom syntax highlighting for Supercollider Help files

136 0

A dark theme based on the Railcasts color scheme.

135 0

Syntax theme I am using alongside

135 0
Darkness Syntax

A dark theme

135 0
Foggy Night Syntax

A dark, low contrast theme, with very pleasant colors.

134 2
Shamrock Syntax

A green theme.

133 0
Monokai Extended Damian

Theme based on Monokai Extended.

131 0
Alexandria Syntax

A colorful and beautiful syntax theme built on top of steam pirate

130 0
Nothrill Dark Syntax

A fork of nofrils-dark

130 0
Fedu Syntax

Chilled palette and easy to read code coloring

129 1
Coderunner Syntax

A simple theme based on the CodeRunner 2 theme.

129 0
Cthreepo Syntax

C3PO star wars syntax theme for

128 2
Misfits Syntax

A port of my TextWrangler theme, optimized for HTML, CSS, LESS, JS, PHP, Python.

128 2
Pegasus Syntax

A theme that is simply easy on the eyes.

128 1
Nothrill Light Syntax

A fork of nofrils-light

127 3
Have Violent Ends Syntax

Syntax color theme inspired by HBO’s Westworld that pairs nicely with these-violent-delights-ui theme also for the Atom text editor

126 1
Clean Dark Syntax

Clean Atom is a Dark Syntax Theme for the Atom Text Editor

126 1
Obsidian Colors Syntax

Based on the Notepad++ obsidian theme.

126 0
Simplez Asm

Basic syntax highlighting for the Simplez ASM language

125 0
Louis Material Syntax Light

A light syntax theme for Atom that uses Google’s Material Design color palette. Forked from silvestreh/atom-material-syntax-light

124 0
Winterdawn Syntax

An light syntax theme for Atom using a subtle colour palette.

124 2
Snazzy Syntax

An elegant Syntax not so bright snazzy-theme for Atom – based on

123 0
Downstream Vibrant

A more colorful dark theme with watery hues

123 1
Msmeeves Ice Cream Candy Syntax

So you like ice cream? Do you also like candy? Excellent. This theme has nothing to do with either.

122 0
Frames Atom

Provides basic support and syntax highlighting for Frames development in Atom

121 2
Molecule Ubuntu

Non destructive syntax for MoleculeIDE on Ubuntu

121 1
Marie Curie Syntax

Marie Curie is a colorful dark theme for Atom. The right balance between nice colors like you can find in Monokai-like themes and the physical integrity of your eyes in long coding sessions.

121 0

TiddlyWiki5 wikitext and file formats support.

120 1
Material Oceanic Syntax

A slightly lighter material theme for atom based off the terminal colour scheme by carloscuesta

119 0
Volt Syntax

Custom theme for Atom editor

118 1
Black On White Syntax

Black text on a white background. Grey comments.

117 1

Underscore template support in Atom

117 3
Simple Baseonesix Ocean Syntax

A simplified base16 ocean syntax theme. 4 colors and that’s it.

117 0
Breeze Light Syntax

Light-syntax theme for bree-dark-ui-edge theme

116 3
Two Syntax

A syntax theme similar to One dark

115 0
Eventide Syntax

A dark syntax theme variant with some subtle, relaxing tweaks

115 1
Coldfusion Dark Syntax

Clean night theme inspired by Eclipse + CFeclipse

115 0
Bitcoder Syntax

A theme which divides codes in.. little colored bits. Aims to readability, cleanness and atomic brackets/tags highlighting.

114 1
Reykjavik Syntax

Atom syntax theme with a dark background and low saturated colors.

114 1
Northpole Syntax

An excellent and original dark theme

112 0
Material Overlord Syntax

A syntax theme for Atom Material UI. Inspired by Mattia Astorino’s SublimeText theme.

111 1
Ivory Syntax

The ivory paper with ink of the royal blue is the theme of the motif

111 0
Gruvhub Syntax

Gruving done the right way

110 1
S K E L E T O N M A N Syntax

part-man part-skeleton

110 0
Minim Syntax

A simple, monotone syntax theme for Atom.

110 0
Ninja Ui Syntax

Beautiful syntax theme inspired by a Dribbble shot.

109 1
Module Syntax

An Atom syntax theme inspired by the promises of space exploration.

109 3

A variation from Twilight Theme

109 0
Arcadian Meow Syntax

A short description of your syntax theme

108 1
Kay Theme

A theme inspired by My BlueBerry Nights Movie

108 0
Terminal Like Syntax

fork of sgtpepper’s syntax to emulate the look and feel of the terminal

107 0
Tellijay Dark Syntax

An atom syntax theme similar to the Darcula theme of IntelliJ Idea 15.

107 0
Peanut Syntax Theme

atom syntax theme

106 0
Curly Squeegee Syntax

Atom colorscheme—inspired by the Financial Times

106 0
Color Town Syntax

A theme that isn’t washed out.

105 0
Sexy Dark Theme

A short description of your syntax theme

105 1
Smooth Operator Navy Syntax

Atom Smooth Operator Navy Syntax Theme

105 1
Sea Life Syntax

A blueish syntax theme for use with the Sea Life UI theme

104 0
Monokai Seti Ray

A short description of your syntax theme

103 0
Charcoal Syntax

Atom color scheme based on the Oceanic Next.

103 0
Matizr Light Syntax

A light syntax theme for Atom

103 0
Ika Ink Syntax

Squid ink color inspired theme

102 0
Infimum Atom

Infimum theme for Atom

102 0
Ceratrior Syntax

A soft dark syntax theme

101 0

SQR language support in Atom

100 2
Black Haze Syntax

An ATOM theme specifically catered towards Titanium Development (JS, XML, TSS). The color choices were largely based off of the Aurora theme from Sublime Text.

99 2
Metalheart Atom

A low contrast atom syntax theme with a dark blue-green background

99 0
Ember Frost Syntax

Colorize Ember syntax and Handlebars. Along with a theme made specifcally for the colorizer

99 0

Grammar to syntax-highlight KAG Script file for Atom editor

99 0
Malachite Syntax

A minimal dark green–cyan–blue theme

98 0
Chicken Syntax

An Atom theme based on green cheek conures. Because why not.

97 0

Nit language support in Atom

97 1
Future Funk Blue Monday Syntax

Future Funk Blue Monday ported to Atom

97 0

i hate destructuring rainbow-syntax-themes so i made an ideal minimal one for me

96 0
Djui Syntax + Monokai = djui

96 1
Alpenglow Atom Syntax

Spiritual successor to @yabatadesign’s Afterglow theme for Atom

95 0
Monokai Sl

Monokai theme based on Monokai (SL) for TextMate

95 0
Glaring Syntax

Syntax highlighting with glaring colors.

94 1
Pfivejs Syntax

A p5js syntax theme for the atom editor

94 0
Lawmaker Syntax

For constructing laws and complex rules, lawmaker is a bright theme for sharp eyes

94 0
Twilight Erik Syntax

This is basically the textmate twillight syntax with a tiny bit of tweaking

94 0
Vacuous Syntax

Syntax theme based on vacuous2 theme.

94 0
Fortran Syntax

A simple syntax theme that plays well for fortran.

94 0
Sagan Dark Syntax

A syntax theme subtly inspired by the colors of the cosmos

93 0
Vierton Syntax

A clean, modern syntax theme with a teal underlay.

93 3
Alpenglow Twilight Atom Syntax

Spiritual successor to @yabatadesign’s Afterglow Twilight theme for Atom

93 0
Myke Theme Syntax

Dark Atom syntax colour scheme made, and used, by myself

92 0
Chrome Inspect Dark Syntax

Chrome Inspect Dark Syntax

92 0
Summertime Syntax

A nice, warm, summery theme for Atom.

92 1
Yifan Syntax

A JavaScript syntax theme that I’m used to for Atom Editor

91 0
Soft Muted

A light theme with minimal muted colors. Goes down smooth and easy.

90 0
One Spacegrey Syntax

Syntax colors from spacegray-atom-dark-syntax; Background color from One Dark.

89 0
Colibri Light Syntax

Atom light syntax theme based on Colibri Browser color scheme

89 0
Matizr Dark Syntax

A dark syntax theme for Atom

88 0
Varone Dark Syntax

This is a dark syntax theme for atom

87 1
Spooki Kai

Dark theme largely based off Monokai and Stereokai.

87 1

KevScript language support in Atom

87 0
Blacksmith Syntax

A dark theme with colors of the forge.

86 0

Dafny language support in Atom.

85 0
Sidetracked Syntax

Sidetracked theme for Atom

85 2
Yeezy Sthree Syntax

Yeezy Season 3 inspired syntax theme

84 0
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