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Blackboard Dark Mod

TextMate’s Blackboard syntax theme, visually compatible with Atom Dark UI.

1672 5

Converts snippets for Atom, Sublime Text, TextMate, and Visual Studio Code

1045 5
Textmate Monokai Syntax

Textmate monokai theme for Atom

428 1

Coldfusion Language for Atom converted Textmate Bundle

322 1
Textmate Cobalt Syntax

Textmate cobalt syntax theme for Atom

265 1
Textmate Multimarkdown Syntax

Textmate multimarkdown theme for Atom

184 1
Textmate Tomorrow Night Syntax

Textmate tomorrow-night theme for Atom

182 1
Textmate Monokai Dark Syntax

Textmate monokai-dark theme for Atom

168 0
Textmate Solarized Dark Syntax

Textmate solarized-dark theme for Atom

151 1
Textmate Ruby Blue Syntax

Textmate ruby-blue theme for Atom

143 1

Bleeding edge, engine-agnostic highlighting for regular expression data.

143 0
Textmate Mac Classic Syntax

Textmate mac-classic theme for Atom

142 0
Textmate Tomorrow Night Blue Syntax

Textmate tomorrow-night-blue theme for Atom

137 0
Textmate Blackboard Black Syntax

Textmate blackboard-black theme for Atom

129 1
Textmate Coda Syntax

Textmate coda theme for Atom

129 2
Textmate Zenburn Syntax

Textmate zenburn theme for Atom

108 1
Regex Comments

Atom highlighting for Oniguruma-regex comments

106 0
Textmate Forlatex Syntax

Textmate forlatex theme for Atom

106 0
Textmate Github Syntax

Textmate github theme for Atom

106 0
Textmate Monokai Mod Syntax

Textmate monokai-mod theme for Atom

102 0
Textmate Glow Syntax

Textmate glow theme for Atom

94 1
Textmate Dawn Syntax

Textmate dawn theme for Atom

85 2
Textmate Espresso Syntax

Textmate espresso theme for Atom

84 0
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