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Rails Snippets

Snippets for your ruby on rails projects.

60322 102
Rails Transporter

Open related Rails files depending on current context

12359 104
Rails Ioneeightn Autocomplete

Autocomplete provider for rails i18n files

4476 22
Ruby Block Converter

Convert Ruby blocks between {} and do-end formats

4122 25
Linter Rails Best Practices

Atom linter plugin for Rails best practices

3184 10
Ruby Test Switcher

Switch between Ruby source code and test files with a single keystroke

1807 9
Rspec Tree Runner

RSpec runner and files analyzer for Atom editor

660 4
Script Fudan

Run code in Atom without Chinese encoding errors!

515 2
Ror Refactor

A set of refactoring tools for Ruby On Rails

389 2
Rails Keymapper

A very simple package which inserts ERB snippets.

245 1
Gem Wiseguy

Get quick info about your Gemfile gems without leaving your editor.

226 5
Rails Test Runner

To run Rails 5 test runner (rails test) without leaving Atom

197 0
Rails Open

Opens current rails controller#index path in browser

89 1
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