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File Type Icons

Changes the icon for files in the Tree View and Tabs to reflect the file’s type

87626 140
Tree View Git Status

Show the Git repository status in the Atom tree-view

74139 203
Synced Sidebar

Based on Sublime Text SyncedSideBar plugin. Active tab & sidebar are synced - sidebar entry automatically scrolls into view.

21688 113
Autohide Tree View

Hides the tree view, reveal it on hover, click or swipe.

17093 78
Tree View Git Branch

Quickly change git branches from the tree view

13761 66
Tree View Autoresize

Autoresize the tree view when open/close folders

6622 27
Chary Tree View

Tree-view responds to only double-click to avoid opening a large file accidentally

5242 32
Tree View Copy Relative Path

Allows you to copy relative path to current file from tree view.

2868 26
Hide Tree

Hide Tree

2673 6
Tree View Search Bar

🔍A file/directory filter plugin.

2667 16
Nerd Treeview

Vim-like NERD Tree behaviour for Tree View

2619 9
Copy Filename

Add a copy name option to the tree view and a command to copy filename of current file

2387 22
Double Click Tree View

Tree-view responds only to double clicks for all operations

2095 14
File Bookmark

Bookmark files in your project for quick access

2072 11
Promote Folder To Project

Add folders to your current project by right clicking on them in the tree view

597 3
Pretty Dir

Flat colors for tree view directorys

567 4
Tree View Sort

Add a sorting feature for the Atom tree-view package.

530 2
Open Files

This package adds an ‘open files’ pane above Atom’s tree-view, mimicking the functionality of Sublime Text

529 3
Tree View Big Files

Opens files bigger than threshold with double click in tree view

488 4
Tree View Bundler

Show bundled gems in your project tree view

339 7
Copy File Contents

Copy file contents to clipboard right from the tree view’s context menu!

323 3
Project Environment

Instant tree view setup for multiple repository projects

314 8
Tree View Extended

Extend your tree-view. Add a list of open files, and a list of git modified files.

239 4
Auto Project

Set the project to the specified folders and the (Git) working folders of the opened files.

235 3
Tree View Panes

Show list of open panes and files on the top of the tree view

155 2
Tree View Copy Project Path

Allows you to copy project path to current file from tree view, with forward slashes. even in Windows.

135 1
Dbclick Tree View

Tree-view responds only to double clicks for all operations. On directories, the arrow next to the directory responds to single clicks.

133 0

Change the Color from the Folders in the Tree View

125 1
Simple Icons

Minimalistic file icons provider for Atom

103 1
Tree View Autoresize Ide

Autoresize the tree view when open/close folders

90 1
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