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Symbols Tree View

A symbols view like taglist

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better autocomplete for atom

74910 190

Sublime Text-inspired HTML & XML Tag menu and functions. Close Tag (⌥⌘.)

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Symbol Gen

Generate symbols with cmd-alt-g so you can fuzzy search for symbols across your project.

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Autocomplete Ctags

Autocomplete-plus provider for ctags

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Tree View Git Branch

Quickly change git branches from the tree view

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Ctags Status

Show the class/function/scope name of the current line on the status bar.

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Symbols List

Alternate symbol sidebar for

4713 5

searchable outline of JS code (functions, classes, variables, objects, TODO comments etc.)

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Define Jump

Atom plugin to jump to the local declaration of a variable. Similar to Atom’s built in Symbols view, but local to the current file and without the need for any configuration.

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Character Table

Insert a character from a (almost) complete Unicode Character Table or use vim digraph style to insert it.

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Tag Wrapper

Enables wrapping of selection(s) in a tag.

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Symbols Plus

Symbol browser and (project-wide) jump (replaces built-in symbols-view).

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Autoclose Tags

Close html-like tags in all files, all the time.

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Atom Gtags

711 3

Provides symbol navigation for Rust code

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Tagged Comment

Add tagged comments to your code

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Self Closing Tag

Deletes closing HTML tag if you self-close the corresponding opening tag.

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Symbols Tree Nav

A symbols view like taglist (experimental fork from symbols-tree-view)

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