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3314256 4551
Minimap Find And Replace

Minimap bindings for the find and replace package

155999 642
Minimap Pigments

An Atom plugin to display pigments colors in the Minimap.

118685 441
Minimap Cursorline

Displays Atom cursorline in the minimap

56404 254
Minimap Bookmarks

Displays Atom bookmarks in the minimap

49604 331
Minimap Linter

Minimap display for Linter messages

44100 261

Sublime Text like UI theme for Atom

3177 3
Gpool Diff Minimap

A minimap binding for the gpool-diff package

444 0
Custom Minimap Titles

Atom package that makes big titles out of ASCII art for quick reference in the minimap.

282 3
Google Repo Diff Minimap

A minimap binding for the google-repo-diff package

256 0
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