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Sublime Block Comment

Toggle block comments like in Sublime Text.

13470 33
Sublime Monokai Syntax

A monokai theme, made with ❤ and Vodka (kidding, was ☕ again) for Sublime Text Monokai Syntax and ⚛ lovers. 💚

5310 4

Generate lorem ipsum placeholder text in your Atom editor.

4986 8
Linter Alex

Linter plugin using alex to catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing

4456 25
Linter Textlint

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to textlint.

2270 17
Document Outline

Show a heirarchical outline of a text document

2190 18

Crisp readable text for retina displays.

1534 9
Plain Simple

Simple text highlighting for text/plain files.

1059 6
Atomic Monokai Syntax

A distictly refined “Monokai”-flavored syntax theme, inspired by Sublime Text.

789 1
Line Breaker

Breaks long lines of text at the preferred line length boundary.

730 0

Text manipulation

723 1
Shell It

Replace text in editor buffer by running text through shell command

621 13

Simple lorem ipsum text generator with added functionality

569 3
Right Case

Converts the word or selection to the case style you choose.

446 2
Atomic Design

A modern and refined UI-theme for any dark syntax theme, featuring custom styling for a variety of popular Atom packages.

391 0

Atom package that aligns variable assignments in a column on the equals character

274 4
Force Text Direction

Force text direction

228 0
Linter Redpen

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to redpen.

205 4
Lodash Modules Snippets

Lodash modules snippets for Atom

202 2
Force Tab

Force insert tab or spaces.

180 1

Generate hipster ipsum for fun placeholder text in your Atom editor.

141 1
Linter Retext

Linter plugin using retext

140 1
Text Crosser

A small package which lets you blank-out a set of alphanumeric characters by replacing them all with X.

106 2

Run a shell command to filter the text or show the output

104 1
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