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Beautify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, and more in Atom

2683442 3787

JavaScript ES201x, React JSX, Flow and GraphQL Grammar. Babel Transpiler

950265 663

A unified developer experience for web and mobile development, built as a suite of features on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community.

386154 121

Validate JavaScript with JSHint. In realtime or on save. Supports JSX (React).

230225 329
React Snippets

Atom Snippets for React, React Router and Flux

76253 82
React Native Autocomplete

React-Native autocompletion for Atom text editor!

33667 29
React Essix Snippets

React ES6 snippets for atom

27099 45
Preview Plus

Preview Plus # Preview Any thing

25892 53
React Native Css

Style React-Native components with css and built in support for SASS

18690 8
Formatter Jsbeautify

Formatter plugin adding a js-beautify interface to the Atom editor. Format and Reindent your Javascript (JS), JSX, JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, SASS, SCSS, LESS files

14625 9
Emmet Jsx Css Modules

Extends Emmet’s JSX expansions to use CSS modules.

6553 29
React Native Snippets

React Native Snippets for Atom and Nuclide

6411 6
Redux Snippets

Atom Snippets for Redux

5912 16
React Redux Snippets

React and Redux Snippets for a modern development using es6 and es7

4479 5
Source Preview React

source-preview provider for react

3283 5

searchable outline of JS code (functions, classes, variables, objects, TODO comments etc.)

3139 16
React Redux Atom Snippets

Atom snippets for React with Redux

2923 4
Babel React Syntax

A simple colorful for Babel ES6 Javascript

2567 2

Minimal TypeScript and TypeScript React grammars

2550 3
Source Preview Babel

source-preview provider for babel

2378 7
Badass React Snippets

Only the finest airbnb compliant React/React-Native ES6 snippets for Atom

2075 7

Native iOS developers have amazing Xcode - let’s bridge the gap and make Atom our to go choice

1867 3
React Snippets

React / Redux snippets (ES5/6/6+)

1375 3
Css To Inline

An atom plugin for converting css to inline javascript object. Useful for react/jsx projects

1267 11
React Esseven Snippets

React ES7 snippets for atom

1185 3
Emmet Jsx Props

Atom package to extend Emmet’s JSX expansions to convert string props to js props

1100 2
Nativebase Snippets Atom

NativeBase Snippets for Atom and Nuclide

1014 1
Egghead React Snippets

A port of Joe Maddalone’s React snippets for Sublime Text

996 4
React Redux Component Snippets

Atom snippets for React with Redux

780 0
React Redux React Native Snippets

Snippets for React and Redux for help developer to be faster.

611 2
Web Syntax

This is a minimalistic syntax for web development which focus heavily on javascript

565 1
React Component Preview

Preview React Component

555 2
React Redux Essix Snippets

react redux es6 snippets

486 1
Reactjs Snippets

React ES6/7 snippets for Atom

447 0
Material Ui Snippets

Material-UI snippets for Atom

446 4
Zenchat Snippets

A collection of snippets for react-native, redux and ES6.

437 1
React Estwoonefive Snippets

React ES2015/2016/2017 snippets for atom

417 1
Snazzy Clear Syntax

Simple, distraction-free atom syntax based on awesome hyper-snazzy

410 3
React Native Snippets Horse

A collection of React Native snippets for Sublime Text and Atom

293 0
Jsx Comment

JSX style comments and block comments

275 2
Generate React Component

Generate component structure from easily customizable templates

261 0
Modern React Snippets

Modern ES6 Snippets for React

232 0
Mighty React Snippets

Crafty React and Redux ES6 snippets for Atom Editor

209 0
Tester Jest

Jest test runner provider for the interactive tester

202 4
Typescript React Redux Snippets

Typescript, React and Redux snippets for Atom (follow ES6 standard)

188 0
Bdd React Snippets

BDD React snippets for TestBuffet

183 0
Nativebase Snippets

NativeBase Snippets for Atom and Nuclide

167 0
Brunch With Atom

Atom package for Brunch

164 1
Redux Duck Snippets

Atom Snippets for Redux Duck

122 1
Enzyme Snippets

Enzyme snippets for Atom

106 1
React Essix Snippets Alekseieightseven

React ES6 snippets for atom from aleksei0807

105 0
Osd Atom Snippets

Snippets for react and react-native used at Osedea

90 0
React Intl Snippets

React Intl (react-intl) snippets

85 0
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