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Beautify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, and more in Atom

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Run code in Atom!

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Autocomplete Php

Atom autocompletion plugin for PHP language

200154 209
Php Cs Fixer

Run the ‘PHP Coding Standards Fixer’ within Atom

115932 123
Php Integrator Base

Indexes PHP code and exposes services to query it (required for other php-integrator-* packages).

51584 66
Php Integrator Autocomplete Plus

Provides autocompletion for your PHP source code.

48040 57
Linter Phpmd

Lint PHP on the fly, using phpmd

43142 80
Php Integrator Navigation

Provides code navigation and go to functionality for your PHP source code.

32899 52
Php Integrator Tooltips

Shows tooltips (e.g. for methods and classes) in your PHP source code.

31099 50
Emmet Snippets Compatibility

Gives Atom autocomplete-snippets primary tab function over emmet. Adds emmet php compatibility

24103 28
Php Integrator Linter

Lints your PHP source code to indicate various problems such as missing methods.

20321 35
Php Integrator Annotations

Shows annotations (e.g. for overriden methods interface implementations) in your PHP source code.

19830 46
Php Integrator Call Tips

Shows call tips with parameter information in your PHP source code.

18389 43
Php Integrator Refactoring

Provides refactoring capabilities for your PHP source code.

15324 36
Autocomplete Wordpress Hooks

Autocomplete support for WordPress actions and filters.

14079 63
Php Hyperclick

Hyperclick provider for PHP. Open file when classname is clicked

12775 18
Colorblind Wombat Dark Syntax

A syntax theme designed for colorblind people. Special attention paid to css, javascript, json, markdown, php, and python.

10628 12
Drunken Php

Atom snippets for PHP, right kinda wrong

9214 13
Php Composer Completion

autocomplete+ provider for php projects based on composer

8995 17
Hyperclick Php

Hyperclick support for PHP

8738 14
Wombat Dark Syntax

Wombat Atom Dark Syntax Theme. ( Python, GoLang, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Markdown, PHP, HTML, CSS )

8257 10
Linter Twig

Atom linter for Twig templates

7858 25
Php Navigation

Navigation by project classes in atom editor. To activate press cmd-alt-n. To navigate press alt + click

6598 9
Php Fmt

Run the well known ‘sublime-phpfmt’ within Atom

6384 15
Php Integrator Symbol Viewer

Atom package providing side panel with class information.

6254 12
Minimal Syntax

Light syntax theme, high contrast/low brightness, three primary colors, easy on the eyes

5109 5
Wombat Light Syntax

Wombat Atom Light Syntax Theme. ( Python, GoLang, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Markdown, PHP, HTML, CSS )

3916 3
Php Refactoring

PHP Refactoring Browser implementation for atom.

3000 7
Minimal Syntax Dark

Dark version of minimal-syntax

2563 3
Lazy Light Syntax

Lazy Atom Light Syntax Theme. (PHP, JavaScript, HTML)

2426 5
Slontech Syntax

Dark theme for web developers ( HTML, CSS/LESS, PHP, MYSQL, javascript, AJAX, coffee, JSON )

2181 3
Php Extract Method

Atom package for creating methods from a selection.

1770 6

Doctrine support for Atom

1152 2
Jextious Syntax

A colorful yet readable theme based on the primary colors.

830 1
Humble Colors Syntax

A minimalistic syntax theme for Atom.

602 2

Sublime phpfmt within Atom

585 2
Script Fudan

Run code in Atom without Chinese encoding errors!

515 2
Fresh Dark Syntax

A dark and fresh syntax theme for web development

410 0
Symfony Snippets

A simple package that’s provides useful snippets for the latest versions of Symfony

405 1
Devmind Beautifier

A php code beautifier for atom.

372 1
Skthreeltn Syntax

Use this colorful syntax theme with your eyes closed.

357 0
Emmet Snippets Compatibility But Less Extreme

Gives Atom autocomplete-snippets primary tab function over emmet. Adds emmet php compatibility

313 0
Wordpress Autocomplete

This is a collection of WordPress autocompletions for

292 5

A better Hyperclick provider for PHP

272 2
Phalcon Syntax

A syntax theme based on the Phalcon docs

246 2
Popsicles Syntax

A colorful syntax theme which works with css, scss, less, html, php, js, md…

234 0
Dw Beta Syntax

Based off of the dark theme in Dreamweaver

182 1

Laravel snippets + php snippets

128 0
Tellijay Dark Syntax

An atom syntax theme similar to the Darcula theme of IntelliJ Idea 15.

107 0
Codeigniterthree Snippets

Snippets for php framework codeigniter

97 1
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