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Build your current project, directly from Atom

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Gcc Make Run

Compile-run C/C++ source code and execute Makefile in Atom.

18533 16
Build Make

Runs GNU Make

16717 37
Shell Commands

Customize shell commands. Similar to ‘Run Commands’ in NotePad++, ‘User Tool’ in EditPlus/UltraEdit, ‘External Tool’ in GEdit and ‘Shell Commands’ in TextMate.

8745 21
Visualdark Syntax

Dark, blue, white

1486 2
Make Runner Panel

Run make command

692 0

A simple package for Atom, which allows you to run GNU ‘Make’ within the current working directory of the file open in the active Atom pane.

502 1
Build Make File

Runs GNU Make in the folder of the current file

475 0
Toolbar Fusion

The ultimate toolbar for software developers.

432 2

An Atom builder that allows for easy extension

184 1
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