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Proto Repl

Provides a Clojure Development Environment with an interactive REPL. You can easily send code to the REPL, run tests in your project, view documentation, and much more.

32534 36

Automatically infer closing parens based on indentation. An essential tool for writing Lisp code.

17966 38

SLIME plugin for interacting with Lisp!

4383 11
Proto Repl Charts

Allows executing Clojure code to display charts in Atom

3989 6
Proto Repl Sayid

Proto REPL Sayid integration that provides a visual call stack and debugging

442 2
Emacs Lisp

Emacs Lisp support for Atom.

386 4
Linter Slime Lint

Lint Common Lisp on save using SLIME.

106 0
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