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JavaScript ES201x, React JSX, Flow and GraphQL Grammar. Babel Transpiler

950265 663

The only TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

764816 623

Run code in Atom!

677374 1167

Validate JavaScript with JSHint. In realtime or on save. Supports JSX (React).

230225 329
Linter Js Standard

Linter plugin for JavaScript Standard Style

81289 144
React Snippets

Atom Snippets for React, React Router and Flux

76253 82
Turbo Javascript

A collection of commands and snippets for optimizing Javascript and Typescript development productivity

61105 170

javascript formatting for the atom text editor

44623 57
Essix Javascript

A collection of commands and ES6 focused snippets for optimizing modern Javascript development productivity.

41674 90
Nuclide Format Js

A collection of codemods to help auto format javascript

35576 10

Beautify JavaScript

30876 62
React Essix Snippets

React ES6 snippets for atom

27099 45
Coffee Compile

Preview, compile and/or save CoffeeScript in editor to Javascript

26520 59
Preview Plus

Preview Plus # Preview Any thing

25892 53
Prettier Atom

Atom plugin for formatting JavaScript using prettier with (optional) prettier-eslint integration

25183 38
Linter Xo

Linter for XO

23027 37
Standard Formatter

Format file contents using JavaScript Standard Style

18818 86

Minify JavaScript

17691 52
Autocomplete Js Import

Autocompletes commonjs and es6 import statements

16872 27
Fast Eslint

ESLint linter plugin for JavaScript, lightweight

15005 9
Build Gulp

Runs gulp targets

11615 32

Wallaby.js Atom package

10144 38
Quick Javascript

Write JavaScript quickly with over 150+ handy snippets. Fully ES6! Less typing more coding!

9570 7
Flow Ide

Flowtype support in Atom without any bloatware

9402 21

Automagically fix JSHint lint warnings

7143 24
Formatter Jsbeautify

Formatter for Javascript, HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS.

6212 7
Redux Snippets

Atom Snippets for Redux

5912 16
Minimal Syntax

Light syntax theme, high contrast/low brightness, three primary colors, easy on the eyes

5109 5
React Redux Snippets

React and Redux Snippets for a modern development using es6 and es7

4479 5
Linter Js Standard Jsx

Linter plugin for JavaScript Standard Style (JSX)

3461 4
Formatter Clangformat

Formatter for C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, and Protobuf.

3387 1

Install and update DefinitelyTyped typescript typings using TSD with Atom

2822 10
Minimal Syntax Dark

Dark version of minimal-syntax

2563 3
Lazy Light Syntax

Lazy Atom Light Syntax Theme. (PHP, JavaScript, HTML)

2426 5
Build Grunt

Runs grunt targets

2422 7
Essix Snippets

ES6 code snippets for Atom

2403 5
Source Preview Babel

source-preview provider for babel

2378 7
Import Sort

Sort ES2015 (aka ES6) imports. Manually – or automatically when you save your JavaSript or TypeScript files.

2304 18
Badass React Snippets

Only the finest airbnb compliant React/React-Native ES6 snippets for Atom

2075 7
Javascript Jxa

JavaScript for Automation (JXA) language support in Atom.

1965 0
Import Js

Simplify importing JavaScript modules.

1950 7
Aligner Javascript

Javascript support for aligner

1900 14
Javascript Refactor

JavaScript refactoring support for Atom

1697 7
Lunar Particle

A UI spacial theme for galaxy hitchhikers.

1654 4

jsfmt integration with Atom

1615 5
Build Dockerfile

Builds Dockerfile

1611 4
Linter Js Tenx

Linter plugin for Ten-X using JavaScript Standard Style.

1466 0
Build Coffee

Atom Build provider for coffee, compiles CoffeeScript

1386 2
React Snippets

React / Redux snippets (ES5/6/6+)

1375 3
Petra Syntax

A dark syntax theme for atom.

1344 2
Threejs Snippets

three.js snippets for Atom editor

1258 6

Format your JavaScript using jsfmt

1257 1
Hyrule Atom

Hyrule from SublimeText ported to Atom. A pair dynamic greens along with a soothing orange, and an addictive yellow make up the main palette of Hyrule. Well-chosen background and primary text colors leave a developer’s eyes fit for another day of study. Works very well in Java, Go, JavaScript, and HTML.

1248 2
Simplyy Snippets

a lot of js snippets collections, with no semicolon,es6 grammer learned from javascript-snippets,turbo-javascript,nodejs-snippets(copy and inprove, so avoid repeat snippets and unify all of their snippets style)

1237 2
React Esseven Snippets

React ES7 snippets for atom

1185 3
Typescript Zh Backticks

The only TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

1185 0
Prettier Eslint

DEPRECATED! Install prettier-atom (enable ESLint integration) instead

1142 7
Nuclide Test Runner Jest

Jest Test Runner for nuclide-test-runner

1065 2
Format Javascript Comment

Format your JavaScript comments

1046 2
Egghead React Snippets

A port of Joe Maddalone’s React snippets for Sublime Text

996 4
Coffee Paste

Copy/Paste As : Js ➤ Coffee / Coffee ➤ Js

979 3
Nice Index

Show directory names instead of index.js.

973 14
Kingfisher Syntax

An exotic dark syntax theme based on the Peacock atom theme

929 3

Convert HTML to JavaScript

873 4
Cordova Snippets

A collection of Cordova snippets for Atom Editor.

810 0
Build Cocos

Runs cocos comand to build cocos2d-x C++/Lua/Javascript projects

721 3
Blueforest Syntax

A contrasty dark blue syntax theme

714 0

Convert ES5 to ES6/7 using lebab

705 6
Lunar Particle Syntax

A Syntax spacial theme for galaxy hitchhikers.

682 3
Jshint Snippets

A collection of JSHint snippets for Atom Editor.

645 3
React Redux React Native Snippets

Snippets for React and Redux for help developer to be faster.

611 2
Humble Colors Syntax

A minimalistic syntax theme for Atom.

602 2
Web Syntax

This is a minimalistic syntax for web development which focus heavily on javascript

565 1
Linter Marlint

Atom Linter plugin for Marlint

559 2
Build Tsc

Atom Build provider for tsc, compiles TypeScript

521 0
Optional Jshint

Same as sindresorhus’ jshint atom plug in, but only runs if you have a .jshintrc

520 1
Script Fudan

Run code in Atom without Chinese encoding errors!

515 2
React Redux Essix Snippets

react redux es6 snippets

486 1

Safely evaluate JavaScript code.

472 3
Solarized Light Js Syntax

A light syntax theme using the solarized colors for Javascript

469 0
Js Extras

JavaScript extras that either add to or judiciously clobber the Atom defaults.

448 1
Reactjs Snippets

React ES6/7 snippets for Atom

447 0
Material Ui Snippets

Material-UI snippets for Atom

446 4
Zenchat Snippets

A collection of snippets for react-native, redux and ES6.

437 1
Typescript Beta

The only TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

421 0
React Estwoonefive Snippets

React ES2015/2016/2017 snippets for atom

417 1
Fresh Dark Syntax

A dark and fresh syntax theme for web development

410 0
Grunt Snippets

A collection of Grunt snippets for Atom Editor.

377 3
Minify J S

Minify Javascript package

348 0
Node Repl

JavaScript Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) for Atom

336 2

baidu fecs

319 1
Aurelia Snippets

Atom Snippets for Aurelia

305 2
Phonegap Snippets

A collection of PhoneGap snippets for Atom Editor.

287 1
Minify Stand Alone

Minify a js / css file without dependencies.

286 0
Extjs Snippets

A bunch of snippets for use with Extjs and Siesta

268 0
Mocha Snippets

Snippets for the javascript BDD framework Mocha:

260 5
Popsicles Syntax

A colorful syntax theme which works with css, scss, less, html, php, js, md…

234 0
Modern React Snippets

Modern ES6 Snippets for React

232 0
Jsfiddle Like Syntax

A color schema with the look of the JsFiddle theme with some tweak

229 2
Linter Spell Javascript

JavaScript spell checking using linter-spell.

226 0

changes require syntax to import

220 1
Mighty React Snippets

Crafty React and Redux ES6 snippets for Atom Editor

209 0
Jscs Snippets

A collection of JSCS snippets for Atom Editor.

207 0
Web Audio Api Snippets

Web Audio API Snippets for Atom

191 1
Relative Require

Injects module require statements with the correct relative require path

190 3
Typescript React Redux Snippets

Typescript, React and Redux snippets for Atom (follow ES6 standard)

188 0

Easily manage your AMD dependencies

171 3

The only other TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

167 0
Pp Js

Preview Javascript To …

160 1
Js Console

A javascript console inside atom

153 3
Nuclide Esformatter

Beautify JavaScript

143 1
Prettier Standard Formatter

Format file contents using prettier

129 1
Redux Duck Snippets

Atom Snippets for Redux Duck

122 1
Requirejs Snippets

RequireJS snippets for Atom

109 0

Tapplint plugin for Atom

107 0
React Essix Snippets Alekseieightseven

React ES6 snippets for atom from aleksei0807

105 0
Treedbox Atom Javascript

javaScript Snippets for fast development in

103 1
Quick Lodash

_lodash snippets for Atom

103 1
Osd Atom Snippets

Snippets for react and react-native used at Osedea

90 0
Web Midi Api Snippets

Web MIDI API Snippets for Atom

87 0
React Intl Snippets

React Intl (react-intl) snippets

85 0
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